Friday, 19 September 2014

Current skincare routine

The last skincare routine I did was way back in February here. At that time I had super dry skin but now-a-days I am a lot more combination to oily because of the summer, although it will be officially Autumn on the 22nd! I thought I'd talk you through what I use now and maybe you will see some products you haven't tried or thought would be any good. My main skincare aims are to get rid of black heads and make sure my skin is hydrated but not too shiny either. 

I'll start with cleanser's and there are two I turn to. The Garnier micellar water is great for an initial cleanse or it's all I use when I haven't got much make-up on and in the morning's it is really refreshing and it's pretty much like water. I also like to use the Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser. This stuff is so good at making my face squeaky clean and it feels so so so refreshing and I love charcoal products as charcoal is really good at drawing out impurities.

Toner is a step about two years a go I wouldn't of bothered with but now I love stuff! It's an important step as it closes your pores after having them opened by the cleanser and it gets rid of any residue left by your cleanser. I have two I love to use. The first is the Avéne cleanance lotion toner which mattifies and purifies. This is great to use when my skin is having a shiny time as it's just something extra to try and combat it. It's also interesting as it has two parts, a white creamy lotion and a water like substance that you shake together that creates such a lovely toner. I've also shaken this up and transferred it into a spray bottle as that's my favourite way to apply toner and it still works just as well instead of using cotton pads. I also use the Boots Botanics rose water toning spray which I love! It is so refreshing and a joy to use through out the day just to freshen up.

For my serum step I use the amazing hydraluron. I don't use this every day, only as and when my skin is feeling dry as I think my moisturiser's are good enough. I cannot fault this stuff. It makes my skin super hydrated, supple, smooth, plump, all the good things! It get's rid of any dry patches instantly and is my go to the night before a night out as my skin just looks amazingggg.

I have two moisturiser's I flit between as I have a recent addition in the form of the hydraluron moisture jelly. This stuff oh my, it makes my skin feel so so so so good! My skin feels supple, plump, super smooth and just generally in good condition. I love how you push the lid down to release the product as it's really convenient and hygienic. The jelly texture feels really refreshing and light which I like as heavy bogged down moisturiser's are a no go for me. It doesn't add to any oiliness, it's kinda perfect! I also use the Origins ginzing moisturiser. This stuff is just as good. The texture feels gel like and light which as I've said before I like. Again it's really freshing as it feels cool on my skin and the smell is SO good.

In term's of eye cream I'm not overly fussed but I did get a sample of the ginzing eye cream with my moisturiser so I do enjoy that. I only tend to use eye cream when I have something important to go to or I'm concious that I look or feel tired. I feel the ginzing eye cream definitely brightens my eye area up and makes it feel refreshed. I have quite a few eye cream and gel's maybe as I'm turning 23 this year I should start using them on a regular basis haha.

Finally my mask of choice that I use regularly is the Sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask, This mask feels so nice on my skin. It is a thermal mask so warms up which feels really nice and like it's doing something! It has charcoal so it's amazing good at drawing out any impurities and my skin is left really super clean and not irritated in the slightest. I have trouble with masks as I'm normally left red faced but this one doesn't irritate my skin at all.

So there you have it, my current skin care routine. It has quite the varied price range and I would like to find some cheaper alternatives for some, for example the hydraluron but there just isn't anything that compares to it's amazingness! What are your favourite skincare products or routine staples? - Amy x

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

White chocolate mint goodness

I tend to buy candles to fit with the season and although this doesn't really have anything to do with autumn or winter I just thought white chocolate mint sounded amazing! It also reminds me of after eights, although they are dark chocolate but still! I know this candle says thank you so I guess it should be a gift for someone but I liked it so I brought it for me haha. I'd never seen it before but I was having a mooch on littlewoods and saw it.

This yankee candle smells A-MAZ-INGGGGG. I love white chocolate and the scent of mint to boot makes it sweet and menthol, a really unique scent. As always with Yankee this burns really well. It's medium in size and the scent is strong enough to fill a room but isn't over powering. This candle definitely smells as good as it sounds!

Next on my list is one of the new Christmas ones, I say one but let's be honest it will be more like three! Candy cane lane is definitely on my radar. - Amy x

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My fav fragrances

I was going to do a complete perfume collection for you all but er I have too many so like my last perfume post back in november 2013, I have picked a few I have been really loving lately.

First up is the D&G 3 L'Impératrice fragrance. This oh my god, I've never smelt anything like it, it is frigging amazing!
Boots say: D&G 3 L'Impératrice is flamboyant and energetic. For the L'Impératrice woman life is a movie and she is the heroine. All heads turn when she enters a room. Vibrant and magnetic, she exudes charisma and force of character. Fragrance Note: Top: Rhubarb, red currant, kiwi. Heart: Watermelon. Base: Sandalwood, musk, grapefruit. 
For me I can definitely pick out the rhubard, red currant and musk. It's sweet but in a way that isn't sickly sweet and it has some depth to it. It's like a grown up sweet fragrance if you get what I mean and I have been wearing this almost every day since I got it, SO GOOD! If you haven't already you need to swatch it. The bottle looks kinda ordinary but the stuff inside is like liquid gold.

Karl Lagerfeld sun moon and stars is a fragrance very close to my heart. It's definitely more of an evening fragrance as it is pretty potent but it does smell good and depending on the situation could be used in the daytime. I remember my late cousin having it on her dressing table and I would be fascinated by the beautiful deep blue bottle and gold top. I always wear it if I have an occasion or something I feel like I need extra luck for or to feel her with me which is why I wore it for my graduation.
Fragrance direct say: Karl Largerfeld Sun, Moon and Stars EDT Spray is a beautiful feminine perfume designed to celebrate the modern, independent woman. It has a sweet, floral quality with oriental elements that make it a great daytime fragrance. With top notes of Pineapple, Freesia, Peach, Water Lily, Bergamot and Rose, middle notes of Carnation, Orange Blossom, Orchid, Orris Root, Jasmine, Narcissus, Lily of the Valley and Heliotrope and base notes Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Vanilla and Cedar, Karl Lagerfeld Sun, Moon and Stars is a complex fragrance that creates an impression.
I have to disagree with the daytime fragrance statement as it does pack a punch from the oriental and floral notes. This will always be one of my favourites. It seems to be getting harder to get hold of though so I may have to stock pile a couple!

PureDKNY is a fragrance I just pick up and use if I'm in a rush. It's easy to wear, fresh, smells good and is suitable for any occasion.
Boots say: In a world that moves faster everyday, we yearn to find a feeling of peace. A moment to escape and find refuge from our everyday worries. A moment to take time out for the things that are closest to our heart. pureDKNY captures that moment. It embraces a love of all that is pure, simple and honest in the world. A drop of vanilla in water. pureDKNY strives to be responsible, conscious and environmentally aware. Fragrance Family Aromatic, Woody, Fresh, Spicy. Fragrance Notes: Top: Pomelo, Coriander. Mid: Violet, Lily-of-the-valley. Base: Vetiver, Mahogany.
As said before it is just suitable for anything. It's oozes simplicity, pureness and is just a great honest fragrance you can just wear and that's what keeps me reaching for it. It's not fancy and doesn't pretend to be, it's just good.

Finally the latest addition to the Marc Jacobs Daisy range is Daisy Dream. This is a really lovely floral fragrance that is so wearable and the bottle oh my it is stunning!
Boots say: Inspired by the boundless spirit of daisies and blue sky, Daisy Dream is marc’s newest dream girl--ethereal, innocent and free. Channelling daisy’s easy charm and reverie, Daisy Dream embodies a new take on being youthful, spirited and romantic. Daisy Dream reflects marc’s irresistible mix of intricate details, elegance and femininity for a fresh interpretation of the iconic daisy motif. Light and airy, Daisy Dream is both floral and fruity. Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Pear. Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lychee, Blue Wisteria. Base Notes: White Woods, Musks, Coconut Water.
The fragrance notes sound dreamy, rather be fittingly, don't they! This is another great everyday fragrance. The bottle really sold it for me with this, it is so so beautiful and the fragrance is delicately floral with a hint of sweetness that is irresistible.

There you have it my 4 top five fragrances atm. Maybe when I  have more time I will do a huge fragrance collection but until then these are what I have been constantly reaching for. What is your favourite scent? Have you tried any of these? Do you associate memories with perfumes? - Amy x

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bit's and bob's haulin'

A couple of weeks a go now, as you can probably tell from my other hauls, I was feelin' spendy and this is the random/home instalment for y'all. Above is a plant from Redfields garden center. When my grandma used to live in her own home she would have loads of these furry leaves outside her house and I have been searching for years and years and I finally found them! No idea what the name of them is apart from the fact they are a succulent. The plant was £3.99 and I also picked up this cute 'shabby chic' mug which clearly isn't a plant pot but I really like the two together and that was £3.25 down from £6.95.

I also went to longacres and picked up some lovely fake flowers, so lovely my dad thought they were real haha. The gerbera was only 99p and the peony sprig?! was only £1.99. Fresh flowers get kinda expensive after a while so these are a perfect addition to my room to add a lovely pop of colour.

Then I went to House Of Fraser. I wanted to see whether they had the Yankee candy cane lane candle in yet but alas they didn't. However they did have the november rain range on offer so I picked up two votive's as that's my birthday month and I have had them before and they smell really good! Not my usual sweet scent but I really like it.

Next stop was boots and I needed to pick up some more shampoo. I had a 10% off voucher and it was 3 for 2 so win as this shampoo isn't cheap but I can't use anything else as I have scale psoriasis. This stuff is super good, keeps my scalp happy, keeps my hair shiny and the charcoal smells good! I also picked up two of the vitamin e night creams to try as it was 2 for £4 and I had enough points to get them for free!

Finally I went to wilko and saw that the new original source scrubs and moistursing shower gel were on offer so I picked up two to try. They both smell really good and the blood orange really reminds me of halloween and autumn. Hopefully the moisturising shower gel does just that! I also got a little tub of hair grips. Normally they just come attached to a bit of plastic but these came in a really useful container so I thought they'd be a lot easier to keep track off as they always seem to go walkies, I'm sure you can relate!

Finally from wilko's I got this super cute diary. I know it's aimed at academic's ect but everyone needs a diary hey and I loved the quote on the front as that is the main thing I'm focusing on/working on at the moment to not put things off! It's a double spread to a week so plenty of room for writing down blog ideas to appointments to work schedules.

On the subject of work schedules I thought I'd let you guys know that wednesday will be the last day of my new job as a care assistant. Unfortunately I found it too emotionally hard as the residents all suffer from dementia, some far worse than others and it was too heart breaking to see amongst other things. So! Now I don't have a job that giveaway I promised will have to wait again I'm so sorry, I feel so rubbish about it! I have an interview on thursday though so pleaseeeeeee keep your fingers crossed for me!

So that's my random haul! Until I get a job again that will probably be the last haul for a longgggg time but I have lots of exciting, well I think so, posts in the pipe line! - Amy x

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The pointless review

When I first heard about this book I thought yeah this sounds interesting but is it just another wreck this journal, which I have got but couldn't be bothered to finish haha. However I have to eat humble pie. As soon as this book arrived in the post I have filled out so many pages. There are plenty of pages that you can just quickly complete to pass a few free minutes or ones you have to think about more and there are some more adventurous pages if you like but it feels a lot more do-able than wreck this journal which seems to be more physically interactive, cba!

My favourite page so far has been the 'not to-do list' which asks you to write a list of 5 things you don't want to do which I found so therapeutic! I'm always thinking of what I have to do next and stressing it was nice to write a no f you, I'm not gunna do that task today list haha.

Basically, from a 22 year old's non fan girl view this is worth buying. It is well thought out, I like the overall design and you can really get a sense that these activities if you will have really been mulled over as to whether they will work for multiple people to be able to do. I'm always trying to avoid things I really should be doing so this book is the perfect thing just to pick up and pick a random page of pointlessness. It really helps take my mind off anything I'm fretting over too as it is getting you to partake in what is essentially, as the name would suggest, a pointless act. The likeness to wreck this journal is clear but I feel it has better thought out activities that you can involve your friends in or think more about which I prefer for example the not to do list as mentioned before and there is a page that asks you to write about the dream you had last night and what you think it means, I like that kinda stuff.  

Have you brought this? What do you think? -  Amy x

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Monday, 15 September 2014

The Body Shop bargains

Recently The Body Shop had the infamous 40% offer on so I headed down to my nearest shop and took full advantage as I cba to wait for a parcel! I have had my eye on these beauts for a while so let me talk you through what I picked up.

Instablur. This stuff is pretty amazing. I've seen sooooo many people hype this up but it's definitely worth the it! With my work I can't be bothered to put foundation on as I get so hot there's just no point so when I'm at work I just use this. It stops my face getting disgustingly shiny, blur's my pores and just makes my skin look that bit better. It's a good dupe for benefit's porefessional but in my opinion better as it definitely feels less oily if that makes sense.

All-In-One BB cream. Another product I've wanted purely for the hype to be honest but again it doesn't disappoint. As I've gotten used to not wearing foundation any more this is lovely to use on my days off. It gives my skin a lovely even finish and a fuller coverage than other BB creams I've tried. It's super cool that it starts off white and adapts perfectly to your skin tone.

Mango body sorbet. I have wanted this since it came out but for some reason I thought it was more than £8 so I got an even better deal with the 40% off! I'm always hot just before bed and go to sleep with my fan on pretty much every night so this is lush to use before bed as it is really refreshing and cooling. I absolutely love the smell of mango's so this product is heaven! It absorbs really quickly, is light and doesn't leave you with that horrible sticky feeling.

Tea tree pore minimiser. I picked this up as my skin hasn't been behaving itself at all lately. As I've been so hot at work as it;s quite physical, my face has just erupted, not fun times! I'm not sure on how effective this is at minimising pores as I haven't really noticed the difference but it's a great base for make-up. The tea tree is super good for my skin and those pesky spots and it just feels nice and refreshing. It also matifies my face which I prefer for autumn.

I love when the body shop has the 40% off as I saved so much money and ticked quite a few products off my body shop wishlist! This all came to around £25 which is craaaaaazzzyyyy!! What's your favourite body shop product? - Amy x

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Feel Unique haulin'

I had quite the shopping spree a couple of weeks a go from feel unique. They had some amazing deals so I didn't pay full price for any of it so yay me! The kardashian nail varnish was a steal at only £2.23 and it's now gone back to full price, crazy! I love a good bargain me!

1 & 2. I have wanted these two real techniques brushes for a while. The silicone liner brush will be perfect for using with gel liner and I love the idea of having a retractable brush as I can safely keep it in my bag. Also, my fav types of brushes are slanted so it is the perfect brush and super soft! 

3 & 8. I managed to pick up two Tanya Burr products basically half off but alas are now full price again. The lip gloss is the shade smile, dream sparkle. Such a cute name for a product and a lovely deeper pink compared to picnic in the park. I also picked up the nail polish penguin chic, a lovely class grey shade that will certainly get a lot of use! With both of these products you can't fault the formula's. 

4, 5 & 6. As most of the Kardashian nail polishes were only £2.33 I have to pick some up. I have no idea why as they are now full price again but I'm not complaining! From left to right is High Dive, a gorgeous barbie pink, Deep, a lovely browny grey nude and Bare, the perfect everyday creamy nude. 

7. Also from Kardashian beauty I picked up an eye liner in starry brunette. It's a gorgeous deep brown with a slight bronze shimmer. Pigmentation is amazing and it doesn't budge! 

9. I suffer from headache when I tie my hair up because normal hair bands really pull my hair and my hair is really thick so it's a lot of pressure! The product info said it avoids headaches and I have to confirm that it does. I am so happy with these, yes they are more than 'normal' hair bands but if you suffer with headaches because of them, these invisibobble's are invaluable. 

10. Finally the whole reason I made an order was for the immensely hyped theBalm Mary-lou-manizer. It is sooooooo beautiful, super pigmented so will last a long time and is just arghhh, I was not disappointed let me tell you! I have loved everything from the balm I've tried so far and I definitely want more! 

So there you have it my feel unique haul. I got some really amazing deals and managed to get everything for just over £45 and it seems like the prices have gone up now but feel unique always have some form of offer going on so check them out! Excuse me while I stare lovingly at all my things haha. - Amy x

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