Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March faves

We are a 1/4 of a way through the year already, how exactly did that happen?! Still April will hopefully bring with it more blue skies, pretty blooms and an over-all more positive atmosphere. It has been a crafty month for me which is lovely as it really feeds my soul! Not so good on the health and fitness front mind but I'll get there! Anyway on with the faves!

The Barry M chisel cheeks contour kit is a game changer. It is such a fool proof way of doing it, it even comes with diagrams! This is a powder kit and I find the powders to be super soft, buttery, long lasting and the perfect shades.

My next favourite links in with the first and that is the Real Techniques 301 contour brush. This is the PERFECT contour brush. Perfect shape, perfect density, perfect size, perfect weighted handle, looks absolutely stunning, is ridiculously soft and as you can tell is perfect haha. Seriously though I was put off for a while because of the price but I am in love with this brush and it is a firm staple in my beauty tool arsenal.

The L'Oréal studio line hot and straight heat protection spray has been a firm fave for a couple of years now. I never wash my hair without it as my hair is so thick I have to blow dry it every time. This has kept my hair in good nick and definitely helps to keep the frizz at bay. I thought I'd feature this fab product as I brought a new one this month as I had run out and had to repurchase asap.

I have included a sample of my next favourite and that is spray painting/upcycling stuff for example I have jazzed up a lot of glass jars to hold my makeup brushes. The background of the image is the top of a bar cart I brought from a charity shop and upcycled with marble sticky back plastic and copper spray paint (I use the spray paint outside!). It is such an easy thing to do and makes a big difference. I have even spray painted a wall gold in my room which I bloody love even though I wouldn't recommend it as it really stinks and is dangerous if you breathe it in and as you are doing it in a room it kinda just sits in the air for a while but metallic paint? go for it.

Primark homeware is something I have really been enjoying this month from super cute pineapple candles to flamingo duvet sets, the tropical theme is on point.

I have been loving Masterchef being back on tv as it is one of my favourite programs. Greg is such a legend. I love any show that is food related to be fair, come dine with me, dinner date, saturday kitchen, four in a bed, all the good stuff hah.

Finally and definitely my most loved favourite of the month is my new small double bed, basically it is 4ft wide instead of 4ft 6 inches in case you didn't know the difference. I love having so much more room. I am sleeping loads better and it has given me a big excuse to make the most of primarks cute duvet sets. It was a bugger getting it up the stairs though but I did it!

Sorry I have been a bit slack with the blog posts. I have loads of pictures waiting to be written about and loads of ideas just not enough time as I am taking on a lot of extra hours at work but I'm trying to balance it out so bare with me! What have been your favourites for the month of march? Leave me a link if you have written about your march favourites and if you haven't let me know in the comments what you have been loving, I might end up loving it too! Expect a mass of hauls coming your way soon, it was payday last week after all and if you have been reading for a while you know this is a monthly occurrence! - Amy x

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Shop my stash: Top spring blushes

From the excitement of getting confirmation my bed was being delivered today, having to work and then having to dismantle my current bed and get my room ready I kinda forgot about it being the first day of spring yesterday oops! So this little series was mean't to start yesterday but I'll be taking you through my top blush, lipstick, nail varnish and scents for spring and into summer really.

George from Asda créme blush in coral
a lovely coral shade that can be worn sheer or easily built up, feels comfortable on the skin and for £3 is super cheap!

Benefit coralista
a summer classic if I do say so myself. Such a lovely subtle shimmery coral shade that is easy to wear with  a multiple of looks.

Tarte amazonian clay blush 12-hour blush in fearless
a truly beautiful pinky coral shade that lasts and lasts on your cheeks which makes it perfect for when the weather starts to get warmer. It really perks up your complexion and is just a stunning shade.

Kiko rock attraction blush from the demin collection in pop apricot 
another stunning shade much like tarte's fearless but which a more coral hue and added shimmer but not overly so. It is the sort of blush shade that makes your eyes light up it is that pretty.

Danial Sandler watercolour blush in flush 
funnily enough was in last years picks and it is with good reason that I am recommending it today. A little goes a long way, it is a nice natural colour that again is easily buildable, it lasts a seriously long time and it is just a blush you can trust to say put and not clash with the rest of your make-up.

Essence blush up!
I saw this online before I saw it in wilko and I knew it had to be mine. Individually the two blush colours are super pretty but together they really do create such a beautiful pinky orangey shade, can you tell there is a theme going on here! For only £3.50 it is a steal for such a pretty unique blush with a great formula to boot.

Stila convertible colours in the aptly named tulip 
I love this stuff, it is so easy to work with and blends like a dream. Tulip is such a pretty colour, a classic pinky red and looks nice and natural on. Again it is buildable, you can see there is also a theme with me loving buildable blushes. It has taken me a while to get to grips with how to apply blusher and not be so heavy handed to products that I can build up and have more control over are always going to be a winner for me.

I'm getting excited for warmer days with pure blue skies and lighter evenings, that and the dump staying open til 7pm again, how sad haha. I am not normally one for warmer weather but for some reason I am looking forward to this summer maybe because it is the first one in a long time where I won't feel stressed about school/college/uni work and I am happily plodding along in my current job until I decide to find something with more hours permanently.

It's funny what a bit of sun and blue skies can do for the soul - Amy x

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

These came out of nowhere?! - Bourjois rouge edition aqua laque

I was just browsing littlewoods for pillows ect as I had just brought a new bigger bed, minding my own business when I accidentally landed on the beauty page. I thought it would be rude not to have a look at what was new in and to my surprise I saw a new range from Bourjois I had heard absolutely nothing about! The Rouge edition aqua laque's, basically lipgloss to you and I. I decided I had to try one and picked the shade Rosé on the rocks. After a quick google search I have found out these are also available on feel unique but in terms of reviews, other than ones in french, I haven't really found out anything about them. 

I absolutely love the rouge edition velvets so was excited to try this. If you have tried the Nyx butter glosses it is exactly like that. Creamy and smooth in texture, completely non stick and a nice coating of colour, not completely opaque but not completely sheer either, a nice in between. The formula feels nicely hydrating and it doesn't stick to any dry patches that I may have. It isn't overly glossy, it just adds a nice sheen, again much like the Nyx butter glosses.

The packaging is pretty with it's mirror effect top in the corresponding colour to the product. I also like that the packaging is clear so you can actually see the colour of the gloss properly, this is helpful when picking out a shade and for storage.

I really am very impressed, so much so I definitely want more but seven more beautiful colours in the range it is going to be hard to decide. Rosé on the rocks is a beautiful, we all know what's coming, your lips but better shade. It is almost identical to my natural lips but more pink so adds a nice girly touch to my make-up look and it means I can pretty much wear it with any eye look.

Wear time isn't amazing, without food I would say 2 - 3 hours, with food not a chance but it is a no fuss application, you don't need a lip liner with this shade and it doesn't fade weirdly so it really is no bother when it fades and you can't be bothered to re apply, it won't look dodgy is what I'm tryna say!

I can't wait to add to my collection. This the perfect light weight non sticky formula with a nice sheen for spring/summer and the colour selection is on point too with pretty pinks, a coral and a red. Will you be giving these a try? - Amy x

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Primark haulin' II

As promised my second Primark haul! Again I have absolutely been loving the homeware stuff at the moment and Primark has some sweet sale picks if you are quick!

I couldn't resist this bunny. I have seen them online for ages but didn't want to pay delivery ect and then I saw it in Primark for £3 and I couldn't leave it behind, it is so cute!

I wanted something to decorate the top of one of the walls in my room and I saw these and they are PERFECT. Bright pink lantern lights for £1, yes please and they are the perfect addition.

I picked up this batwing style buttonless cardigan in the sale for £3. It has become one of my favourite items of clothing and is so comfortable but stylish at the same time with the monochrome aztec print.
I also picked up this lacey green top with a kind of gold spray over the top if that makes sense. It is cropped and looks lovely over a plain black cami. It was only a £1, so crazy.

Another £1 bargain is this black pencil skirt with a sheer horizontal panel. I never ever wear skirts but I thought as this is long and just plain black I may wear just have the guts to wear it!

The coin purse on the left was again in the sale for only 50p and obviously as it had an A on it it had to be mine! I loved the style of the bracelets on the right as they are plain with shapes to create interest and have a nice range of metal tones. For £2 for 8 bracelets you can't go wrong.

Essentials but pretty none the left! I love the petrol type colours on the nail clippers and they also have eyelash curlers in the same style.

Finally I picked up some nails from Primark, for 50p in the sale you can't go wrong and I am lovely the aztec vibe recently.

A cheeky non Primark purchase included here as I brought it on the same day and that is the collection eyes uncovered nude bronze palette. I have absolutely loved the little mix collection eye shadow palette so I wanted to try one of their new ones and this was on offer in superdrug I believe for £2.99 instead of £3.99. Such good pigmentation considering they are so cheap.

I already have a wishlist for next payday. What have been your favourite purchase recently? - Amy x

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Primark haulin'

During my big pay day shop I had to hit up Primark because you can't beat it in terms of price to be honest with you and I'm a scrooge unless we are talking make-up. I also ended up going again the next day so another Primark haul is on its way. 

I saw this bag and just thought it was absolutely beautiful. It was £5 down from £10 and I can't wait for an occasion to wear it.

I also picked up this gorgeous rose gold clutch for only £2. I thought the little bracelets were a bargain for £2 and super comfy as they aren't metal all around.

The accessories section seems to be on point recently. I picked up the necklace on the left for £3 and thought the blue was super pretty and reminded me of Greece. I picked up the necklace on the right for £1.50. I really like the simplicity of it, texture and colour of silver.

I got this cute navy cat ear phone case for only £1 and I had to pick up a new scent of the anti-bac from cuticura which seems to be exclusively made for Primark.

I spied this gorgeous make-up/wash bag for only £3. they have various sizes and this is the middle size. I didn't get it for make-up, I got it to pop my camera in when it is just in my room as it just looks prettier!

I have read A LOT about these super high waisted skinny jeans and I had to try them for myself. I love the colour and effect. My favourite style of jeans are high waisted and these are incredibly comfy because they are so high. I am tempted to get the grey version I like them that much and for £10 you can't go wrong.

I got this throw for my chair in my room and it was a bargain at only £3.90. I really couldn't decide on the pattern/colour but went with this grey and white one in the end as it will pretty much go with anything in my room.

I couldn't go to Primark and not have a look at all their candles on offer. I am a candle fiend. I spotted these in the sale and loved the dip dye and wood look. The smaller orange ones were only 50p and the bigger one was £1.

I was so happy when I saw this pineapple candle! It has been all over the internet and I fell in love. It is only £2.50, looks so lovely and it can continue to be a decoration long after the candle has gone because the top only have a very small dip in which the candle is housed and is white underneath.

And finally and continuing on the pineapple theme I picked up this cushion for £3. There was a flamingo one as well which I may have to go back for!

There is a duvet set and a few more cushions I have my eye on. I am loving the Primark home section at the moment and as I have just brought a double bed I will definitely be stocking up on new bedding and cushions to go with it.  - Amy x

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

D.I.Y: Copper, marble & gold.

I have been OBSESSED with spray painting and covering various things in marble recently. I did this post here about my copper sprayed glass jars but it has kinda spiraled into spray painting even more glass jars, spray painting a wall gold in my room and covering multiple surfaces in marble and even buying a bar cart from a charity shop to upcycle with yet more copper and marble! I thought I would share everything I have customised and where I got the things I used as it was super cheap.

Everything came from wilkos. The gold spray paint was a large 400ml can and it was on sale for only £2. The copper was also from wilkos but from a different brand and was also on offer for £2 but is only 100ml. The lavender colour spray paint (bottom of cotton bud jar) again is from wilkos and was on offer for a measly £1 and is also 100ml. The marble sticky back plastic came in two widths and I got the smaller of the two and they were £4 per roll, the wider being £5. I got more of a grey shaded one and one with more of a warmer golden vibe to it. It makes SO much difference to something that would otherwise look kinda boring.

Top left: Freshly sprayed jars using sellotape to mark the lines.
Top Middle: The jars being used and as you can see I used lavender spray paint for the jar with cotton buds in and have covered yet more glass jars in the colour but that is the only one I have a picture of for some reason.
Top right: My gold wall in all it's glory.
Middle left: My pimped up bar cart using marble sticky back plastic and copper spray paint.
Middle middle: I decided to add some marble to the top of the bar cart making it 2/3 marble and 1/3 copper to make the surface more durable.
Middle right: I have covered some card board in marble to use as a background for blog photos.
Bottom left: I covered my dressing table top in marble.
Bottom middle: A closer look at my dressing table covered in marble sticky back plastic.
Bottom right: Finally just today I covered my chest of draws in marble to jazz it up a bit.

I have kinda run out of things to spray paint or cover now but it was fun whilst it lasted! I also spray painted a canvas that was black and white with 3D lettering in the lavender which I forgot to photograph but it looks lush against the gold wall. You can just about see it in the image of my gold wall before it was covered, it is the little canvas that says laugh but the image has cut out the word often, that it was is now spray painted lavender.

Would you ever think about dabbling in some D.I.Y/upcyling projects? - Amy x

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Tiger haulin'

I inevitably went to Tiger during my payday shopping splurge. I absolutely love this shop, it is full of quirky, useful, random and lovely things and I want everything, they got me hook line and sinker!

First up is this super cute wire house which was £4. I kept seeing these all over pinterest and I really wanted one to start and air garden. Air plants are kinda expensive so for the mean time I just have a foliage plant in there and it is hanging on my wall. It looks pretty good I must say.

I also picked up this wire bowl which is also hanging on my wall and has some cactus candles in that I also got from Tiger a while ago now. I seem to be really into lines at the moment and really adding a lot of decoration and 'tarting' up my room so I'm really happy with how these two things look together.

I was so glad when I found these plastic containers. They were £4 for the four and fit perfectly in one of my drawers for my makeup which I felt was a bit untidy but these have sorted that out perfectly. I don't have a muji near me and didn't want to order online so these are perfect!

I got some acrylic paint for £3 as recently a lot of the nail art I've been inspired by seems to use acrylic paint and it looks a lot easier to work with so I thought I'd give it a go. I also got a black jewel like and glitter phone case as I was bored with my current one and this one is much prettier and only £2.

Finally I picked up a mason like jar with a handle for only £2 which I was pretty pleased about because the supermarket offerings are always £3.50 or more which I'm not really prepared to pay. I don't actually use it for drinking, it holds my anti-bac and medication and just looks nice on my bedside drawers. I also got a little tea light holder for £1. I have two others I got previously with the copper rim so I wanted a third as  I prefer things in three's, don't ask me why I have no idea but I hadn't seen this one last time as it is slightly different to the two I already have but still matches with the copper rim.

I am obsessed with copper, well anything metallic at the moment. So obsessed in fact I thought it would be a good idea to spray paint one of the walls in my room gold which made my house bloody stink and nearly half killed me but damn it looks good! More on my spray paint obsession another time! - Amy x

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