Saturday, 14 November 2015

Haul: Christmas Decs

So I've gone bat shit Christmas crazy since it is November (that is when the Christmas excitement starts for me haha) and have brought a lot of new decorations, whoops, so I thought I'd share some of my faves and let you in on what shops I think have the best deals. My tree in my bedroom kinda doesn't have a theme or it's theme is that it is just single baubles I really like so that's what I've got to show you below. I have also brought more general christmassy home ware which I will show you soon including the best Christmas mug I have ever owned hah. 

In terms of packs of baubles, Sainsburys sells packs of 9 for £1, they are medium in size and they are the only supermarket I've seen to sell cheap copper decorations like this, they also have the usual red, gold and silver too and other bits and bobs for only £1. Tesco do some really nice tubes of mini baubles for £1 in packs of red or gold with shiny and matte variations that I am going to use with some red and white twine to make some bauble bunting to go around my room which I will show you when I have the energy to make it as it will take me hours! They also have other decorations, including star tree toppers for only £1. My favourite shop for star tree toppers I have seen so far has been Asda though because theirs are smaller than others and because the tree in my room isn't huge the size is perfect. Oh also card factory have some really nice chalk board inspired Christmas wrapping, 3 for £1, which I really rate as it is super pretty and ridiculously cheap at the same time. 

This beautiful pink heart decoration is from the Poundland would you believe. It is larger than the picture portrays it to be, definitely a statement bauble if you will, It is glass and considering it is only £1 is cracking value.

This tear drop opalescent bauble is also from Poundland and again larger in size than it appears to be, real glass and is so pretty. I wanted one like this for a while but they are normally £3/4 each so this is a bargain.

These beaut angel wings are from Asda for only £2. These were exactly the type of thing I wanted to symbolise my cousin on my tree.

This Santa is also from Asda for only £2, compared to Tesco's similar offering priced at £3.50 this one is a good price and I love the retro vibe.

This was from Tesco and was only £1. Great value compared to what other shops charge for a nut cracker decoration and again I like the retro vibe, it reminds me of my grandma's tree and memories from some of the best Christmas' I've ever had.

Finally a typically British decoration in the form of a red telephone box from Asda for £2. I like the kitsch kinds vibe and it links in the red with the nut cracker and Santa nicely and the snow ties in with the lighter colours of the other decorations. I'll have to upload a picture of my tree once it's done as I got loads of decorations in the sales in January too ready for this Christmas. It is also a new tree that I got in the next sale for only £12 as it was a display model, it is one of those pre-lit twiggy ones with snow on, it is very pretty!

I know it is my birthday in November and I shouldn't be wishing the month away but will December hurry up already! I am already driving my room crazy as I keep bringing more and more decorations in and bargaining with her as to when we can put our main tree up haha. I've sneaked a Robin on wood with some berries and fairy lights in our conservatory already hah. I've got a Sephora haul, high end and 'low end' make up hauls coming your way soon and then eventually posts on my five days in Paris when I can bring myself to sort through all the pictures I took. I had such an amazing time their it breaks my heart even more to know the pain France must be feeling now.

I hope you all have a bright weekend and if you are working, I feel your pain! - Amy x

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We need to pray for the world

I am heart broken for this beautiful city. I cannot comprehend the terrible events that unfolded in Paris this evening and to think I was there only two weeks ago. My thoughts are with all the families of the victims, every single person affected by these terrible acts of barbaric violence and the hearts of Frances' people as they are surely broken. I cannot comprehend such disgusting, needless acts of savage violence against innocent beings. My heart is heavy. There is so much violence in this world, it breaks my heart. We should pray for the whole world and pray for peace, this simply cannot carry on, we shouldn't stand for this, we all need to rise up with love and light to fight this darkness.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nyx haulin' & mini reviews

I was so happy when I saw that littlewoods had started selling NYX again and had stocked up on all the products I had seen American beauty guru's talking about! The concealer palette was definitely enabled by leighannsays!

I have lots of butter glosses from NYX from when next stocked the brand but I really wanted to try the matte lip creams. I got two shades, San Paulo which is a really pretty deep pink which a hint of coral and I also got Transylvania, a super deep blackened burgundy. They remind me a lot of the Collection creme puffs but with a much better colour collection! They are really smooth to apply, feel quite moisturising considering they are matte and apply opaque.

I also picked up the eyebrow gel in brunette. I was a bit worried about this as I thought it would make my brows look far too over done but it doesn't at all. It still makes my brows look natural but really defines their shape and this stuff doesn't budge which is a massive plus as I tend to touch my face and accidentally wipe my make-up off, DOH! I was also worried it would be too red in tone as I couldn't swatch but actually it is surprisingly cool in tone but not ridiculously so, in fact it is pretty perfect!

Next up I got the conceal, correct and contour palette in light. This is a great all rounder. It has a lighter tone for under the eyes ect, a tone perfect for spot concealing, yellow and salmon tones for correcting and two variations on contour tones depending on whether you want to go deep or subtle. The formula isn't as creamy as I would have liked but that's nothing a bit of warming up between your fingers doesn't solve. It is super opaque so amazing at covering up imperfections but doesn't feel like you've just caked yourself in make-up. This is definitely coming with me on holiday as it is three products in one! Need to save case space for shopping haha.

Lastly and my favourite of the haul is the wonder stick in light. This thing is bloody amazing. They are perfect contour colours for me and I'm pale! They are smooth and easy to apply with the lipstick like packaging and blend like a dream. This doesn't feel heavy on my skin and creates such a beautiful effect that you can build up depending on how obvious you want your contour to be. The packaging is such a revelation as you can be super precise with application, don't get any product on your hands and you don't have to hunt around for two separate products, I love this!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post again guys! Hopefully you'll stick with me, I'm trying I promise! - Amy x

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Current/August favourites

It is insane to me that we are now in September. I mean we are in the last third of the year like whattttt, soon it will be Christmas! too soon? I bloody love autumn, gone are the days of dying in the heat and a big hello to the days of wearing scarfs and boots. I'm going to Paris at the end of October and I bet it will be stunning in autumnal colours, I'm rather excited as it is somewhere I have always always always wanted to go, second on my 'things to do before I die' list and I have had it booked since March so I've been waiting a while hah.

These few products have been key over the last couple of months and I'll tell you for why! The Soap & Glory on heck of a blot powder is all kinds of awesome. When I have turned into sweaty betty it has kept my face looking matte without looking like I have just caked myself in powder which is precisely what I would have just done. It's smooth, comes in sturdy packaging and I've even converted my Twin and she never usually spends over £3.99 (rimmel stay matte where you at) on powder. This stuff is 100% worth it!

The Lancome Hypnose drama mascara has been a long standing favourite of mine, it sucks it's so expensive but it really does make my lashes look amazing and you don't need layers and layers of the stuff  'cause when I have to do my make-up in my car 'cause I'm running that late, I don't have time for that! There is something about the curve in the wand and the formula that just lengthens my lashes, separates them and gives amazing volume, it is a frickin' magician.

The Bourjois 1 second nail varnish remover is a godsend. I have tried the £1 Primark version but it really isn't the same, the sponge breaks up and it doesn't smell as good as the Bourjois one so I am happy to pay extra just for the smell alone. It smells kinda fruity which is a massive improvement as nail varnish remover generally just stinks of chemicals. It works super quick and makes taking your nail varnish off less like a chore and there is no cotton wool mess at the end, win win!

The YSL rouge volupté shine in beige instinct is my new fave lippy. It doesn't look so great in the bullet, shimmery brown no thank you BUT on the lips it is the perfect browny nude and because it is from the sheerer line the colour is a lot more subtle and it looks super pretty. The shimmer isn't noticeable on the lips at all so there are no frosty lips in sight, it just makes your lips appear fuller in a nice way. I am obsessed with this, when I'm running late I will always grab this to take with me as it just finishes off any make-up look perfectly, it's a no fuss application because of the sheerer formula you don't need to use a lip liner and it just makes me feel more 'done.'

Finally my last favourite has to be come dine with me abroad. I didn't realise it was on again as it was on in the middle of the day so I have had all of series two and three to catch up on. The narrator is hilarious and I am just fascinated by how people interact with each other and their personality traits and then when you find an episode with a huge fight it is really entertaining! Lets be honest come dine with me is really about how interesting the people are, not the food.

So those are my faves, what have you been loving this month? Are you as happy about autumn as me? - Amy x

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Hello all!

Long time, no blog, here's a sad picture hah, honestly though I am very sorry! I haven't jacked it in, I am just in the process of tweaking and wanting to relaunch so please excuse me if certain links don't work ect. I shall post when the process is all done but I am aiming for 01/09/15 so hopefully you'll continue to stick with me and I can get back to loving my little space on the internet and have more varied posts ect and have more of my personality come across. I've also been struggling personally which is why I initially stopped posting but I'm ready to start again so I do hope you'll stick with me, if not I'll be more than content rambling to myself haha.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever your up to and if you are working, I feel ya!

Keep smiling, Amy x

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

REVIEW: Essence nude lipsticks in 03 & 05

Essence is a brand that has fond memories for me as I first found it on a trip to Berlin which was my first trip without my parents and I just remember being amazed by the huge display and how cheap everything was, I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Fast forward a couple of years and Essence finally became available in wilko in the UK and ever since then my collection has grown.

My latest purchase and by latest I mean probably a couple of months a go now, I just hadn't got round to typing up this post and lets be honest I have been pretty slack on the blog front. This brings me to a shout out I wanna give to Zoe London and a particular post shes just written about how she feels about blogging and although blogging isn't my job I still feel pressure to post more than I realistically have time for and I could really relate to how she felt about the blogging culture. Even in the last two years since I started my blog I have noticed a huge change in blogging as it once felt like it had such a strong community spirit so I wholeheartedly suggest you give her latest post a read and her whole blog because she is a very clever, thoughtful lady. She also has some great posts on her trip to New York which got me super excited for mine early next year!

Okay onto the lipsticks which can I just say I love. I picked up 05 cool nude and 03 come naturally. These are perfect everyday shades. 05 has a brown vibe with a hint of dusty rose where as 03 has a slight mauvey tint mixed in with brown and is cooler in tone. They are the perfect shades if you are worried about nudes looking too light on you if you have a fair complexion like me. The wear time is pretty good considering they are only £2.30 each! They feel comfortable on the lips and I would say they have a semi-matte finish which looks really nice. Essence have a few more shades in their nude collection and I love how the packaging matches the shade as it is so much easier to pick out what lip shade you wanna wear that way cause you can clearly see the shade.

For £2.30 you can't go wrong, Essence has some lovely shades in their long lasting lipstick range so if you haven't already definitely give them a try but especially these two shades if you are searching for a much cheaper alternative to those high-end nude lipsticks everyone is obsessed with. - Amy x

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

May favourites!

The moment has arrived! its monthly favourites time, all be it slightly later than planned but hey it's only the 4th! Seems like only yesterday I was thinking may the fourth be with you (get it), le sigh, where does the time go?

Time leads me nicely into my first favourite of the month which is my new watch. A stunning simplistic offering from DKNY with rose gold toned hardware and a white leather strap which gets filthy but I'll forgive it that. I kept dreaming of a Micheal Kors watch and then I thought actually you hate wearing chunky jewellery what makes you think you'd ever wear it so from that moment I started my quest to find my own perfect designer watch. I love how it isn't too big or too small, it feels light around my wrist, you can't see from the picture really but it has a rose gold tinted clock face which matches perfectly with the dials and surround ect and although the white leather strap is incredibly easy to get dirty it really makes the rose gold stand out and just looks classic. At £89.99 compared to a Micheal Kors I don't think its a bad price either. link.

You can clearly tell I love my watch, all that rambling though! On to the next fave which is a combined favourite really. Its the Makeup revolution the one foundation in shade 1 which is the white one mixed with the estée lauder double wear foundation. Basically I was in a rush and I picked up a shade that was slightly too dark for me 'cause I thought it was the lightest one and it wasn't yada yada and the formula is also really heavy but I like how it looks. Anyways I got a little bottle, mixed the two together and I basically have my dream foundation in colour and formula. The coverage is amazing, it is light weight as the MUR foundation has a water like consistency which makes the double wear less thick and the colour is spot on, one very happy Amy indeed.

Next up is the Illamasqua gel sculpt in silhouette which I've already raved about here so you can check that post out for a full review but basically I have been using it every time I put makeup on, even when I am in a rush, it is just so easy and fool proof to use.

I have fallen back in love with my L'Oréal la palette nude rose all over again. It is what I have been reaching for most days over everything else. My fave combo is the shade 5th in from the left all over the lid which is a taupey bronze shade with a hint of purple and second in from the right as a transition shade and to blend it all out and into the crease which is a coppery taupey shade with a kinda dusty rose vibe. I am so rubbish at describing shades but hopefully you get what I mean!

Onto things that aren't pictured. I got a Netflix trial and so far I have been loving it, especially reliving my youth and watching the film Madeleine which is basically about a boarding school that is being sold and how the girls try to stop it, along with Madeleine who is an orphan, the main characters many adventures, but there are lots of other stories intertwined, it really is a heart warming film.

Another favourite is the fact I have two holidays booked to my two dream destinations. I am going to Paris in October and New York in March. I am so bloody excited although they are ages away it gives me plenty of time to save up spending money and pay them both off with out getting stressed as New York is not cheap but I decided whilst I am happy in my job why not travel to the two places I have always dreamed of going before I really have to settle properly in a job and start saving up for a mortgage. I have now become obsessed with travel mini's and there is still a long time to go haha.

My last favourite is my clothing rack. I got rid of my chest of drawers and got a clothing rack instead and I'm so glad I did. It doesn't impose on my small room, I can actually see all the clothes I have so don't forget what I've got and it is just really nice being able to hang my clothes up instead of having to cram them into drawers.

I've been a bit of a debbie downer about my blog lately, kinda thinking whats the point when really it is only a hobby for me, I need to stop wasting time and get my head out of the clouds ect but I've decided you know what, I love writing, other peoples hobbies take up time, mine just happens to involve being comfy in my bed writing about beauty products. I also love taking pictures, I mean I have completed a photography degree and although I may have no bloody clue about what career path I want to go down at least I am still involved in taking photographs and sharing them all be it in quite a different style and way than I did at Uni as I am generally into landscapes and used to see taking blog pictures as something that was just whatever but you still need to set up the shot, get the lighting right ect and that is something I still enjoy doing. ohhhhhhhhkay quite the rambling post today! Basically I'm gunna stop being a debbie downer, stop feeling rubbish for not posting all the time and just do me!

Leave me links to your favourites posts if you have done one 'cause they are my favourites ;) to read! Also do your cheesiest grin and if you weren't truly smiling before you will be now at how silly you are and how silly you probably look! - Amy x

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