Thursday, 29 January 2015

Updated makeup and skincare collection/storage

I can't believe the last time I did one of these was in October 2013, I honestly thought I did one more recently than that but obviously not! As you can probably guess it is A LOT different now and I am so happy with how everything is stored and how it all looks but it hasn't cost me a ridiculous amount of money for storage.

My desk and white drawers are from ikea. The desk is from the vittsjo range and was only £30!! The drawers are called helmer and are only £25 each and are the perfect size for storing makeup and skincare. The helmer also comes in silver and red and is on castors so is easy to move around. I also use clear acrylic storage I've gotten from various places including rymans, amazon, ebay and homesense. This mainly houses my high end stuff but I also have some high street eyebrow products, nyx butter glosses and a maybelline concealer in there too. To the left I have an ikea plant pot with hair care stuff I use pretty much every day so this includes a heat protection spray and dry shampoo ect. I also have an ikea plant pot full of bath bombs and then some ikea candle plates with my favourite/most used skincare and deodorant to the right. The little container at the front holds products I use everyday like the tarte foundation, products I want to use next or my current nail colour.

On top of my helmers I keep my high end palettes which include too faced, urban decay, nars, illamasqua and thebalm. Again in the little tray I have products I use everyday or I want to use next so I have the tarte amazonian clay powder foundation which is my go to but I also have the new maybelline foundation I want to try next, my current nail colour which happens to be ysl rouge dada and nails inc belgrave square, my molecule 01 perfume, a clinique anti redness powder, chanel vitalumiére aqua foundation, a new maybelline colour tattoo, avon sleep balm and a mini benefit roller lash mascara.

This houses all of my highstreet eyeshadow palettes from brands such as bourjois, mua, makeup revolution, l'oréal, collection, sleek, revlon, barry m and maybelline. My favourites include the little mix collection palette, l'oréal la palette nude and the makeup revolution iconic 1.

Underneath I have all of my perfumes stored in a white plastic basket/on top of a cardboard file that has all my boring paperwork in. I have quite a few as I used to work at boots but this way I can see them all. My current fave is D&G 3.

As explained I have hair stuff and bath bombs, deodorant and most used skincare/stuff I really like which includes the pixi glow tonic, it is a huge favourite of mine.

Here I  have eye brushes in a used up small yankee jar, eye lash curlers, smashbox glosses, ysl stain and a rouge volupté and a rouge volupté shine, benebalms, mac lipsticks and a random sleek lip liner. I also have a ysl touche éclat in 1.5. They look kinda dusty, awkward!

Here are the rest of my brushes which all need a clean, may bad. I also have some beauty sponges, a lip balms, mini ysl rouge pur couture, mini nars lip pencils, a melt lipstick, an illamasqua lipstick and mini clinique chubby sticks. There are also a couple of small laura mercier foundation primers.

Top acrylic drawers from left to right house high end mascaras, tarte blushes and stila convertible colours, anatasia brow wiz and the soap and glory dupe, stila one step corrrect, urban decay setting spray and some bobbi brown foundation.

Second acrylic drawers from left to right house mac blushes, a daniel sandler blush, an hourglass ambient lighting blush, a mini benefit coralista blush, high end eyeliners, burberry eye shadow, rituals eye shadow, a maybelline concealer and some high street brow stuff.

Bottom acrylic drawers from left to right hold an urban decay naked flushed palette, thebalm mary-lou-manizer, ysl limited edition blush palette, murad primer, benefit porefessionals, benefit high beam, two mac eye shadows in cranberry and sketch and mini benefit stuff. About two years ago I maybe had one or two high end products so I have quite the collection now but it also symbolises how much I've worked to be able to buy it all yano. Some people love clothes, some people like to save for a rainy day and I unfortunately for my bank balance love to buy makeup!

Now onto the helmers. This is the top drawer of the right unit, the left side just has some note pads, tablets in ect. This houses all my drugstore foundations, cc creams, bb creams, correctors and concealers. Faves are the bourjois healthy mix serum foundation, maybelline fit me concealer, nyx hd concealers and soap and glory kick ass.

On the left I have my most used skincare which includes eye creams, masks, cleansers, serums, an oil amongst other things. My faves are hydraluron, origins ginzing moisturiser, hydraluron moisture jelly and the sanctuary thermal mask. On the right I have all of my high street primers, some mini benefit porefessionals, setting powders/powder, gel, liquid and felt tip eyeliners, nyx setting sprays as well as all my high street mascaras. My faves are the maxfactor masterpiece max mascara, bourjois mega liner, soap and glory one heck of a blot powder and the garnier 5 second blur.

On the left houses all my other haircare stuff and accessories so I have texturising sprays, dry shampoo, split end stuff ect as well as tangle teezers, #daclip haha and various clips and hair bands. On the right is my highstreet blush, bronzer and highlighter drawer. I have sleek palettes, sleek singles, ones from I heart makeup, barbara daly, bourjois, topshop, maybelline, kiko, seventeen, george asda, the body shop, l'oréal, mua and No7. It also houses all my highstreet lip crayons from barry m, revlon, kiko, nyx, No7, rimmel and more. My faves are the bourjois bronzers, the body shop honey bronzer, I heart makeup blush hearts, kiko blush and bronzer and the revlon lip crayons.

On the left is a bit of a random extra skincare drawer with a mini opi nail set including nail envy. On the right I have all my high street cream eyeshadows, as you can see I love me some maybelline colour tattoos. I also some some eye shadow singles from barbara daly, kiko, autograph ect. I also have my long wear eye shadow sticks and liquid eye stuff. There are also some brow products in there, a few glitter eyeliners and high street pencil eyeliners. There is also a pack of eyeko eye makeup remover wipes. My favourites have to be the maybelline colour tattoos, barbara daly shadow sticks and collection glitter eyeliners as they are super packed with glitter.

On the left I have a makeup bag full of packs of/one use face masks, nail varnish remover, dr bronner soap, muslin cloth, superdrug brightening hot cloth cleanser and extra nail varnishes that don't fit on my wall. On the right I have all my highstreet lipsticks, liners, balms, scrubs, lipglosses and liquid lipsticks. My favourites are the models own luxe and hyper gel polishes, rimmel provocalips, lush scrub, tanya burr glosses, l'oréal collection privée and bourjois rouge velvet liquid lipsticks.

On the left I have some bath/shower products and empty makeup bags. On the right I have my real techniques brushes cases and lots of makeup and skincare samples from various beauty boxes, my you beauty advent calendar, little sample sets and magazine freebies. All the white containers are from ikea and the red/clear ones came in sets from wilkos.

Above and below is a snippet of how I store my nail varnish. I basically cut bits of wood, stuck them to my wall with no more nails and painted them, pretty simple. I did write a tutorial for it here July 2013, quite the vintage post! There are six little shelves full on the right and five on the left. I just think it makes for a really nice piece of decoration for my room and it is practical too! It also really stands out against my white walls.

My favourite brands include essie, models own, barry m and nails inc. I don't really have a favourite shade, it just kinda depends on the season and what mood I'm in so I have a mixture of everything really.

This isn't really beauty/makeup related but on top of my chest of drawers for my clothes I keep little trinkets, jewellery, my newest perfume (ysl opium) and candles I'm currently using. I house all my other candle stuff in a tower of little white wicker drawers that is next to this unit and things like christmas candles that aren't in season anymore are under my bed. It's a nice space to safely have candles burning and I think it just looks pretty! This is also normally where the makeup I've used that day ends up sitting until I can be bothered to put it away properly in the evening haha.

If you have reached the end well done! 19 images is quite the total, I know I'm exhausted having written about it all haha. It goes without saying I'm in no way bragging about what I have, I have brought all of this or been given it as presents from family/friends so for the most part I've worked my little butt off to buy it! I don't really buy much else as beauty is a huge hobby of mine and I'm not really into clothes so much so hence why I have so much! This is obviously way more than I will ever likely use but like I said it is more of a hobby and I love experimenting with different looks and just applying makeup. My mum just has a powder and a foundation and that is completely fine 'cause that is what works for her yano, each to their own, you in no way need all of this stuff and neither do I, I just want it haha. I'm nosey and I enjoy these kinda posts or videos on youtube so hopefully you have too! If you have written about your makeup collection leave me a link so I can have a nosey :) - Amy x

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January Favourites

I don't mind telling you January has been a pretty good month for me! I have lost 6lbs, I have completely organised my room, got rid of a ton of crap and now know where everything is and I don't feel like I have way too much stuff any more. Work is going nicely, I kinda have a plan of action about work in the future which is better than having no clue, I got paid a few days earlier than expected and I just generally feel happier which is lovely! Now onto the favourites of this month...

1. Tarte blush in exposed because it is the perfect blush colour for any make-up look.
2. Tarte blush brush because it is super soft and is my favourite shape.
3. Rodial lip balm because it is bloody good.
4. Benefit lolli balm because it is a nice sheer wash of colour and moisturising at the same time for wearing to work.
5. The little mix collection palette because for £2.99 the pigmentation and lasting power is amazing. I have been wearing the fourth one in almost constantly.
6. Fake flowers because they really brighten up my room and don't die! I have the one pictured, a carnation, a gerbera, lavender and peonies.
7. The Sacconejolys vlogs on youtube because they make me laugh every single day and they are the cutest family you ever did see!
8. My helmer units from ikea because they are the best for storing my make-up and skincare and super cheap.
9. Lucozade original because it's been keeping me going when I've had barely any sleep and it tastes bloody good.
10. My purple fairy lights as they make the prettiest night light you ever did see!

There you have it my monthly favourites! Roll on February and continuing to move forward! - Amy x

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

REVIEW: Nars velvet matte and satin lip pencils

I got the Nars digital world lip pencil coffret for christmas and I have been obsessed with these lip pencils ever since! Granted three of the shades are limited edition but if you head on over to temptalia she has some great dupes for those shades. These are all mini in size but I have that many lip products I really don't need the full sizes! I have wanted to try out the nars lip pencils for quite some time so was a very happy bunny when I received these!

I'll start off with talking about the two velvet mattes which are the second and third swatches, the first being cruella and the second being iberico. Cruella is a shade I'm sure you've heard of and one I was dying to try, it is a gorgeous deep red and iberico is a lovely orange. It's funny I thought I would of liked iberico least but it is actually one of my favourites and apparently it's basically red square from nars but just has a more orange tone to it. The formula is spot on, lovely and matte but not drying. As they are in pencil form they are super easy to apply and long wearing providing you don't eat a massive meal that is, great for nights out though.

Onto the satin lip pencils that I have in yu which is the first swatch, torres del paine which is the fourth and descanso which is the fifth. Yu is the only one that is from the permanent line and it is a beautiful bright pink. Along with iberico I thought yu would be one of my least favourite but again it is my most loved along with iberico. Torres del paine is a beautiful peachy colour, but not too light so it still looks nice. Descanso is a lovely dusty rose colour with a hint of peach to it, very unusual but looks stunning on. I can't fault the formula of these, they go on like a charm and set as a really lovely satin finish as the name would suggest, a lovely in between formula vs it being too shiny and not lasting. These have great staying power, not as long as their matte counter parts but still very wearable for a night out.

The nars lip pencils do not disappoint, I can definitely see why so many rave about them. I'm really surprised my two favourite shades are the ones I thought I'd like least but iberico is like my perfect orange lip as I normally don't suit orange. Same with yu, it is my perfect bright pink that I ordinarily wouldn't suit. If you are umming and ahhing because at £18.00 each for the full size they aren't cheap, I seriously don't think you would be disappointed with either formula because they are fantasic, have a great shade range, the formula for both is on point and you can't beat a bit of Nars! - Amy x

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Payday haulin' featuring boots, superdrug, ikea and tesco

So payday had arrived and I decided to go to Ikea, place some online orders and do a bit of shopping! It's been a meh month so I thought I'd make some plans happen that I've had for my room for a while and just generally have a little splurge before being good the rest of the month!

I had been looking at this set longingly online and I am so happy it didn't sell out before I could buy it and I believe it is still available. It is the YSL opium fragrance gift set (30ml) exclusive to boots which also includes a full size nail varnish in no.6 and a mini (so cute!) rouge pur couture lipstick in no.1. I have wanted to try a rouge pur couture lipstick ever since I got my first rouge volupté shine, I'm sure the nail varnish is amazing and the colours so are lovely! The perfume is nothing like I have, it is really intense and smells kinda like spicy biscuits but in a really good way if that makes sense. This was only £25 down from £50 so for what you get it is a pretty ridiculous price.

I also got the nails inc Belgrave Square limited edition special effect polish for only £4.50 instead of £15 which is a massive saving! It is I guess a top coat full of chunky rose gold and little gold and black glitter. It is lovely and nails inc is always a winner in my book! It also comes in there super pretty newer style bottles which I love! I did get some totes cosy socks from boots as well which are pink and have multi coloured pompoms on but they are already on my feet and are so damn comfy! They were only £1.80 in the sale!

I found the MUA twelth night winter editions shade in superdrug for only £2 so I had to buy it! It has some lovely shades that are right up my street.

I was excited to find some new things in store in superdrug. There were two new maybelline colour tattoo shades, one a frosty white and the other a shimmery chocolate brown which I went for called chocolate suede. I love on and on bronze and this looks to be the browner version of that so I am sure I will love this! I also picked up the new maybelline foundation in dream flawless nude in Ivory. It reminded me of the YSL fusion ink foundation for some reason, not that I've tried it, it is probably because they both have odd stick applicators. You shake, open and basically dab the stick on your hand and it applies product onto your hand for you to work from or you can just use the stick to dab it straight onto your face then blend. I swatched this and it feels lovely and light and looks like a gorgeous coverage and finish so I'm excited to try that out properly. Superdrug has a buy one get one half price on maybelline products at the moment too!

I found some amazing bargains in tesco! I got the tisserand head clear aromatherpy roller ball as it is meant to be calming and was only £1.65 down from £5.50! It may work, may not but it does smells amazing. I also picked up the Dr Lewinns Renunail 3 step as my nails are really suffering at the moment and this was £8.10 from £27 so I'm guessing it is a pretty good set to sort my nails out and comes with a strengthener, a sensitive strengthener and an oil so it looks good.

Onto the mothership that is ikea! I picked up this fake carnation for £1.65 which I think looks reasonably real and a little vase which I am pretty sure was £1

I also got this glass 'cause I liked the pattern which was 50p. I find it is the perfect size for a spirit and mixer but also really nice for tea lights.

I picked up the infamous plant pot 'cause I have it in white, green and pink but not in red so it had to be done!

On the left for my room I got the small billy bookcase which was only £12, crazyyyy and I also got some plain white boxes to go in it for £2.50 each. It has three spaces, two that fit the boxes that has my dirty washing in and the other hair tools and then the bottom one I just put a little basket in with clean bedding. Unbelievably cheap and pretty sturdy even though I did build it myself haha. I also got another helmer to go next to my other one to store skincare and hair care in so it isn't in basket and is put away so it just looks tidier basically. For £25 it is the perfect storage solution, sturdy and looks really lovely too I think!

I also got two chairs. The grey and white one is from Ikea, which you can't really see but you get the gist, well you can't fully see either of them but anyway! It was £10 and I just use it as a computer/desk chair as the one I had ran out of gas and I am sick of buying new ones so I just got a cheap one that has so fancy up and down levers to go wrong with it! I also got the seat cushion from ikea for only £2. I really like how bright it is but the grey in the houndstooth pattern still ties in with the chair. The beautiful mustard/olive/kinda yellow rocking chair is from ebay and is 'inspired' haha by the eames RAR rocking chair. This was a steal at only £32 when the real thing costs over £400. Even by 'inspired' standards it is a good price as they are usually around £50 on ebay. I picked the colour as it is just something a bit different to white or black. I'm glad I went for something different as I absolutely love the colour and it really stands out against all the white furniture in my room. It is so unbelievably comfortable, so relaxing just rocking back and forth and will the perfect reading chair. As you can see it also makes a lovely bright background for blog photos haha.

So there you have it my rather large and very varied haul! I got something other cheap xmas decorations/wrapping from wilko and tesco but who really wants to see that in January! Heads up everything was 10p so I urge you to have a look to save yourself some money in preparation! - Amy x

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Viviannadoesmakeup made me do it

I have seen viviannadoesmakeup talk about the burberry eye shadow in pale barley quite a few times and it looks so beautiful but the £22.50 price ultimately put me off big time! To my surprise when I was having a wonder through tkmaxx I saw some Burberry packaging and it was none other than a couple of the sheer eye shadows for only £12.99! I went for the shade Midnight brown (21) which is still being sold full price so I feel very lucky to of found it in tkmaxx indeed! It had to be done right!

This is like the eye shadow shade of dreams for me. It is a beautiful browny, taupey, gold and looks absolutely stunning popped on your lids then blended out for a one colour, one wash wonder look.  The staying power is incredible, it lasts a whole 9 hour shift and then some! It can be applied easily with a finger then blended out just as well as using a brush, in fact I do prefer my fingers. As you can see I've already ruined the beautiful imprint which mimics the packaging but I really do use it that much! Now I have one I wouldn't mind paying the £22.50 for another because I would get so much use out of it, they are seriously good and the packing is so luxe with its magnetic close and dark grey mirrored effect. Basically I am pretty smitten! - Amy x

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Monday, 19 January 2015

The red lipstick dreams are made of from melt cosmetics

As you can see by the swatch, this lipstick, the melt cosmetics belladonna 2, is an intense pinky red. The pink hues don't show up as much when photographing this beaut but it's pretty true to shade. This lipstick is ultra matte, once it's on it isn't going anywhere which is just what you would want in a red lipstick! Even just swatching it on my arm and it being on there for literally a minute it has stained haha. Although it is ultra matte, that doesn't make it ultra drying so don't worry it isn't like mac's ruby woo. It is such a vibrant eye catching colour, when I first applied it I was just like wow that is some red! The orange in the top image is just the reflection of my light so excuse that! I love how the matte bullet matches the product and the melt logo is simple but looks nice and matches melt cosmetics as a brand.

Melt say:
Belladonna’s long lost little sister.
She’s bluer.
She’s ultra-electric.
She’s the prettiest pinky-red you’ll ever put your lips on.

This red is probably one of their more reserved colours, they have an amazing pure black, a dark green, dark blue, grey and some other amazing and unique colours. The colour names are cool too, the dark blue it DGAF haha. At £19.95 a pop from beautybcosmetics and £22.49 from amazon they are not the cheapest of lipsticks but totally worth it. These have been created by amazing make-up artists that know exactly what is needed for the perfect lipstick and it shows!

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted this lipstick! It is from the american based company melt cosmetics which was founded by two make-up artists called Lora and Dana whom both create friggin' amazing make-up looks and that I found via instagram. If you have a looksie at their website you can see all other other lipstick shades they have and they have also just this month launched two eye shadow stacks which look amazing and the packaging is really innovative. I have followed them both since before they launched their cosmetics so I was so excited when I got this for christmas as I've wanted it since it came out which was a while ago now. I only know of amazon and that sell melt cosmetics within the UK but the melt cosmetics website does ship internationally but bare in mind you may incur customs charges. They have some amazing swatches and instagram tags from customers on their website too! Forget YSL, Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury, you need to try these! - Amy x

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Samples pamper eve // mini reviews

I stayed in a hotel last night as I was visiting my great auntie in Newmarket. Instead of taking all my full size things along, I thought I'd try a fair few of my sample products/things I got from my beauty advent calender and do a kinda mini review/first impressions for you!

First up I had a lovely relaxing bath and I feel this was mainly due to the fact I used the Maddi Alexander rose bath oil. I didn't think I was one for rose scents but I really like the smell of this, it kinda has a hint of lavender too, although I can't see it in the ingredients, which is really calming. I've never used a bath oil before but I definitely will again as my skin feels silky smooth!

Before my bath I tried out the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I've always thought how can a cleanser be that amazing but er wow! This stuff literally devoured my make up. I especially noticed how good it was at getting off mascara which I usually have trouble with. It feels really relaxing to work it into the skin. My favourite part was using the hot muslin cloth to work it off because it gently exfoliates and just feels really nice to be honest to have a lovely hot cloth on my face after a long day!

Next I used the Clinique 7 day scrub cream as I haven't treated my face to a proper scrub in ages because I've been obsessed with the pixi glow tonic and I'm lazy. This stuff was really gentle on my skin and felt nice and creamy as well as having some grit but I also felt like it was really working to get rid of any dead skin cells. I've been a bit lazy with my skin care routine of late so this was much needed. It didn't irritate my skin at all, I wasn't amazed by it but it did the job as far as scrubs go.

Finally before getting in the bath I popped on the Glamglow youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment that I got from my you beauty advent calendar. Now I thought I was going to love this but I didn't at all. It REALLY made my skin tingle, so much so I thought I was allergic to it but luckily my skin wasn't ridiculously red when I took it off. It did however exfoliate really well but so much so it was hurting my skin wiping it off! It also had quite big chunks of what I'm guessing is seaweed which I wasn't expecting. Basically not a very pleasant experience, in fact I had to get out of the bath to get it off quick. I think the one for me from the glamglow range would be the glamglow thirsty mud as it looks to not be abrasive and more aimed at hydration.

After the harshness of the glamglow youthmud I thought I would use the Sisley radiant glow express mask. I also vaguely remember essie button mentioning in one of her videos that after she uses the glamglow youthmud she normally uses a hydrating/different mask after because it feels like it zaps her skin of moisture and I definitely feel where she is coming from! I really liked this mask and I think it definitely contributed to my skin looking more radiant. It has a creamy pearlescent finish and you just leave it on for 3-5 minutes then rinse with water, simple. This helped to make my skin feel more normal again after the pain of trying to get the bloody glamglow mask off!

I then tried out The body shop seaweed clarifying toner. It did feel refreshing but as far as toner's go, now I've tried the pixi glow tonic nothing will compare, which is a bugger because it isn't cheap. I do like how this one claims to be pore-minimising and reduced excess oil so maybe I will get the full size to try if I don't want to spend so much after my pixi glow tonic has run out. I have a lot of excess oil during the summer months so this may be just the ticket to use during that time of year!

Next I tried the Bioeffect egf serum. This stuff is bloody expensive so there is no way I would buy full size and by expensive I mean £125! However it did feel really nice on my skin and super plumping. A little goes a long way so I can see this sample lasting me a little while but I am quite happy with my hydraluron. It is such a cute diddy bottle which isn't suprising given that the 15ml full size is so bloody expensive, I'm surprised it was even in my beauty calendar to be honest but glad I've got to try it because it does feel really nice.

For a moisturising product I just used a sample of the Vichy idéalia smoothing and illuminating cream. I didn't love this as it feels quite sticky and took a little while to sink in but it was a handy size to take for a night away and does the job!

Lastly I used the Rodial stemcell super-food glam balm lip. This stuff feels AMAZING. It isn't sticky or too slippy or too wet. For me it is the perfect consistency, super moisturising, doesn't take an age to sink in, works really well over patted lip stick to create a shiny lip stain, isn't too heavy and makes my lips feel so so soft. I am obsessed, I much prefer this to the nuxe reve de miel and it comes in a tube so I don't have to get my fingers messy. My lips have been really dry recently so I'm really glad I got this in my beauty advent calendar and have finally started using it. It would be the perfect consistency to use with eye shadows to create interesting lip colours or create a glossy eye look which seems to be coming back into fashion recently.

As you can see I have well and truely pampered myself and found some amazing products that I will purchase full sizes off. I also found some products, like the glamglow mask, that I'm really surprised I didn't like but that's why samples come in handy as I haven't wasted £50 on a mask I don't like! What have your favourite discoveries been through trying samples? - Amy x

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