Thursday, 14 May 2015

The new must have contour product on the block

Above is the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette and I have fallen in love. I got this about a month ago and it is the only contour product I've used since and it is so easy to apply I use it every day. It is a gel formula so applies beautifully, is satisfyingly cool on my skin and doesn't take my base off with it when I apply it direct.

I apply this straight from the packaging and then blend with a brush but it would work just as well with fingers or using a brush to pick up product then apply. It looks so natural which is surprising considering how dark it looks in the packaging but that is the beauty of a gel formula. Illamasqua has swatches on various skin tones on their website here so you can see how it's gunna look and it is an incredibly versatile shade.

I loved using hollow from my multi facet palettes but this just blows it out of the water. If you are a contouring noob you need this and even if you have mastered it I seriously don't think there is a better product on the market than this. It has amazing lasting power and blends seamlessly to look really natural but still gives you that definition. I'm not gunna lie, after I apply it I think dang that looks good haha. It can easily built up if you prefer a really strong contour but because the shade looks so natural it will still look nice and not over done.

I brought this on a whim and at £22.00 it isn't cheap but it is bloody amazing. I can see it lasting me a long time, I've barely put a dent in it and I've been using it for a month. You can have a natural seamlessly blended contour in seconds, what's not to love? A tip on the Illamasqua website is to dab a bit on your lips to deepen your natural lip colour, I'm definitely going to give that a go tomorrow morning!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? - Amy x

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The blogger made me buy it

I was looking through my stash the other day and I realised that a lot of things I have, I have brought from blogger recommendations so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

Vivianna does makeup can take credit for the Burberry eye shadow, although the shade she loves is called pale barley, I have midnight brown as I found it in TK MAXX for only £12.99. The pigmentation is amazing, it is a one shadow wonder as it looks amazing applied and then just blended upwards to create a simple smokey eye and it's Burberry, need I say more. Anna can also take credit for the Chanel Vitalumiére aqua foundation as she would always talk about it in videos and her skin looked amazing. It definitely holds a special place in my heart as I got it for/wore it for my graduation day. Amazing formula, lasts all day and makes my skin look lovely and not over done.

Kate from Gh0stparties can take credit for the Stila one step correct. Again her skin looked amazing in videos after she'd used this for tutorials and I'm always on the look out for something to tone down my red cheeks and this feels lovely and works a treat.

I have brought many things from the recommendation of this next culprit, Estée from Essie Button, they call it the #essiebuttoneffect aha. Things I haven't pictured include Soap and Glory One heck of a blot, The body shop colour crush lipsticks and their honey bronzer to name a few. Estée's makeup always looks on point and she has very similar colouring and skin concerns to my own so is the perfect blogger for me to get beauty advice/recommendations from. Pictured I have my most recent purchase in the form of Revlon's gel envy polish in up the ante. It is such a gorgeous purple that really stands out and has a little summin' summin' going on and I love the formula. Also pictured and my favourite product I've learn't about from the blogging world period is the Tarte amazonian powder foundation. I would never of tried this had I not seen it in action. I had never used powder foundations before because I didn't think they would provide enough coverage or stay around on my face but this is different and I literally use this one every. single. day. Well I have recently got Nars sheer glow and fallen inlove and do use that sometimes but Tarte is still number one. I've confessed my love for this foundation on many occasions but it seriously is so good. It has the coverage of a liquid foundation, is so easy to apply and the packaging is pretty sweet too.

Have you brought anything because of a review from a blogger? Have any products disappointed or have you always loved them? - Amy x

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow, see a rainbow too.

It is such a sunny day today, bit chillier now but I'm still enjoying being outside enjoying some laptop time in the sun. The bright blue sky had me dreaming of a beauty rainbow so here it is!

Maxfactor facefinity all day primer // Nars satin lip pencil in Yu // Rimmel provocalips in play with fire // Revlon cream blush in coral reef // Maybelline baby skin instant fatigue blur warm apricot // Nip + Fab bee string fix lifting mask // Next paradise Island eau de parfum // Bourjois java rice powder // Essie bikini so teeny // Rimmel 60 seconds super shine in Danny boy blue // Mac Up the amp // Revlon matte balm in shameless // Nip + Fab viper venom eye fix

In case you are wondering it isn't just the colours I like, I rate all these products too! They'll be an up coming post on the Nip + Fab stuff and other products I brought from the brand. - Amy x

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Top summer nail polish picks

It is officially the start of summer next month and we've had a few gorgeous blue sky days in the UK recently. I have been getting into brighter nail varnish from my stash so I thought I'd share with you what has/will be gracing my nails as we get into summer.

Essie Sand Tropez //Rimmel 60 seconds super shine Rose Libertine, Tangerine Tent and Danny Boy Blue // Revlon gel envy Up The Ante // Mavala Cyclades Blue and Blue Mint

I think I am pretty much covered for any occasion. Sand Tropez is such a gorgeous nude and the blue and orange from Rimmel really stand out. I love the mix of pink and coral in Rose Libertine, it would make a perfect blush colour. Revlon's Up The Ante was an #essiebuttoneffect purchase and I am glad because it is such a stunning bright purple. I got the two mini Mavala polishes in a set from boots as I'd always been intrigued to see if the formula was any good, I can confirm it is and these two shades are beautiful blues.

What will be gracing your nails in the warmer months? - Amy x

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Dear Rachael

My cousin Rachael, Twin-sister Clare and I

Dear Rachael,

Seven years since the day we lost you and sometimes it still hits me like a ton of bricks as if it has only just happened all over again. You were such a positive influence on me and still remain so. You taught me that it's okay to be myself, even through my emo phase which may I add was completely inspired by you as I really looked up to you but mum was very happy when it ended! I still remember you in your bell bottom trousers soaked through 'cause they used to drag on the floor and your love of Marilyn Mason until like me you grew out of it, kinda! You taught me that it doesn't matter what other people think as long as I'm happy. You taught me that if you work hard you can achieve your potential as did Becca and she still does and I know you will be extremely proud of her and I hope me too. You taught me to strive to be adventurous and reminded me of how bloody precious every second on this earth is and that when I'm feeling down, I'm still alive so I should live. You taught me the greatest hair tip I've ever heard, to save me from washing my hair everyday, just wash my fringe everyday instead so it still looks fresh, genius women! Whenever I've had a proper fringe you better believe I've done that ever since although now they have brought out some amazing dry shampoos, you'd be impressed. I would give anything just to have you back in our lives, to see little Jacob, to of been at all the important moments since you've passed and to of got royally drunk with you and co down the gig house and to of danced to cheesy music in spin bar, wham wake me up before you go go please. As each year passes I miss you more, the longing to see you again never diminishes, I guess I just find ways to deal with the missing piece in my heart. Whenever I see a super bright star, I think of you. Whenever I'm having a tough time, I think what would you do. Whenever I achieve something, I wish you were here to celebrate. If I end up touching even 1% of the people you had a positive impact on in your life I will consider my life a success. I know you will be up there partying to wham with a glass of pino in hand. I miss you, I will always miss you and I am so grateful to of had such a beautiful human in my life at all. You were taken far too soon and I will never understand why but I will never forget the lessons and inspiration you gave me whilst you were here. The sun came out for you today.

16.01.1984 - 09.05.2008

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Friday, 8 May 2015

The blush addict tag

I saw this tag on NicolaHearts blog and as I am a bit of a blush fiend I had to do it too even though I haven't been tagged, what a rebel hey hah, so on with the questions!

What colour blush suits you most?
I would say a peachy pink suits me most as I think pink just makes me look like I am too hot where as a peachy pink actually looks like a blush on me!

Pressed, cream or loose blush?
My fave is definitely pressed as it is easy to work with and less messy.

Favourite shimmery blush?
Nars orgasm 'cause it is a beaut of a shade and isn't too shimmery.

Favourite matte blush?
Tarte exposed 'cause it literally goes with anything.

Favourite cream blush?
Probably stila convertible colours in particular tulip cause it is a super pretty rosey red. I also really rate topshop cream blush, in particular the shade head over heels cause it is a lovely coral learning more towards orange shade.

Favourite drugstore blush?
Sleek have some amazinggg blushes, I have quite a few! I would probably go for sleeks rose gold as it is a good dupe for Nars orgasm. I also love the newish maxfactor creme puff blushes, so pretty!

Favourite high end blush?
This is a tough one but I think I'm gunna have to go for Tarte's fearless because it is the most perfect peachy pink shade and really gives my face some life.

Biggest blush disappointment?
I would have to say the Hourglass ambient lighting blush in ethereal light 'cause mine didn't have much colour swirled in so it is just a super light pink that doesn't really show up but the formula is still lovely and I do still use it as a subtle highlight.

Best blush packaging?
100% my YSL Palette Parisian Nite radiant blush. It is gold with a pink ysl logo heart and pattern underneath the heart on the front and the cardboard packaging is a shiny gold. The blush itself has a heart of the lightest shade with the surrounding housing the darker shade, it looks stunning. You can see it here.

What's on your blush wishlist?
I would love to try another hourglass blush but I would definitely buy in store this time! I would also like to try one from bobbi brown, chanel and some mac cream blushes.

Holy Grail blush?
It has to be Tarte exposed because it is so versatile, If I had to use one blush for the rest of my life it would be that.

Pretty good questions If you are blush obsessed like me! I tag errrrrbody, leave me links so I can have a read If you do it or have done it.I'm in an excitable mood 'cause I am dreaming about my trip to Paris in October and all the lovely makeup I'm saving up to buy. Sephora I'm coming for ya! - Amy x

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Homeware bits and bobs

Over the last month or so I have been picking up various homeware items and I thought I'd share with you what the shops have to offer. Copper has obviously played a part, I'm like a moth to a flame! 

The sweet little Gerbera ring holder was from Next for £6. I don't use it for rings, it is more for display but it looks so lovely and as Gerbera's were my cousins favourite flowers it is something I like to have around. The cactus dish is from H&M and I believe it was £5. This is so friggin' cute, as soon as I saw this I knew it had to be mine as I love cacti but can never seem to keep real ones alive even though they are supposedly impossible to kill, I clearly have a talent. The little copper tea light holder is part of a set of three and was only £1.99 from homesense. Fab price and they look lovely too. The bigger copper dots glass candle holder is from next and was only £5.I think it is a pretty good price as it is quite a size so could hold pillar candles or is the ideal size for other things you may want to store.

The rectangle cushion looking thing at the back is actually a wheat bag, the perfect size for when I get tummy cramps (tmi?) and it was only £3 down from £15 from Urban outfitters. I like the design on it and wheat bags are really handy to have. The ickle pineapple frame is obviously from next and at only £4 I think it is super cute. It has a really nice worn silver look to it and although it isn't big it will be perfect to pop a little motivational quote in to go next to my bed. Finally from homesense, a candle. I have been looking for a cheap tobacco scented candle for AGES and this one was only £4.99. It is a decent size, fills the room with scent, has a wood wick which I really like and looks really lovely when not lit with it's wooden lid and brown paper label. It smells amazing, I don't know why, well probably cause my mum is a smoker, but I really like the smell of tobacco so this candle is perfect to me and it kinda has a forest like scent to it as well. Nothing like the candles I already own but really lovely.

Have you found any good homeware bargains recently? I really should stop with the copper obsession now but I just can't help it! - Amy x

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