Tuesday, 15 April 2014

REVIEW: Bourjois rouge edition velvet

Swatch: top is nude-ist and bottom is grand-cru. I am in love with this formula. It's like the Revlon matte balms in finish, a lovely matte but not drying. The thing that makes these that bit better is that the colour application is a lot more even. The two I got were exclusive colours for littlewoods, I'd swatched away in superdrugs/boots as obviously they are cheaper but I preferred these so in my online basket they went! 

Nude-ist is the most beautiful colour, the swatches really don't do the colours justice. It's a lot more of a stronger colour in person, a beautiful mauvey dusty pink that really gives a make-up look that little bit extra.

Grand-cru is such a lovely deep red, again this is a colour you really need to see in person. It has a pink undertone and ahhh it will be the most perfect evening out colour to really get your make-up to stand out. 

These babies don't budge, well when you eat the biggest burger you've ever seen a bit wears off but hey come on that's not bad! it feels as if you haven't got any lip product on at all. Bourjois are just on point right now. I have a little haul coming of other Bourjois goodies I've got, in fact I've been shopping a lot so expect a fair few reviews - oops! 

If you are thinking well I have the Revlon matte balms do I really need these? Yes, yes you do. The colour applies a lot more evenly and their red's are too die for. - Amy x

Monday, 14 April 2014

statement necklace storage

I haven't been happy with how I've displayed my statement jewellery for a while. I did have it in a box, on a jewellery holder shoved in the corner of my room and more recently on a decorative plate but I've never felt like I've been able to really notice/see it to remind myself 'hey a necklace would look nice every once in a while' you know what I mean, I tend to just forget about accessories!

So I was browsing primark as you do and came across theis accessory hanger. It's a velvet ish kind of material and has lots of grip. Primark also do regular hangers in this material which are godsends as your clothes literally do not slip off them! This accessory hanger was on sale for £1.50 and the hangers also had money off at £2.90.

It's just a simple solution that I've hung on my door as I have one of those things you can hook on top of the door to put hangers on and it just works for me. When I leave my room they are staring at me shouting wear me! So far it's been making me wear accessories more, which I actually like to do, I've just been too lazy haha.

It's a great way to showcase your jewellery and kind of use it in your room as decoration as well as being practical. - Amy x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

makeup revolution haul, a more daring rival for MUA?

'Word on the street' is that makeup revolution is owned by the same people as MUA and to me this is obvious in terms of the similar packaging with the lipsticks and eye shadows. The clear difference I can see is that they are a lot more daring with colours as a brand which is something I really appreciate and I think slowly the beauty market in general is introducing more daring colours to rival that of high end brands, for example Revlon's matte balm in shameless reminds me strongly of a mac lipstick called heroine.

The prices are very much in the same vain as that of MUA. I got the most beautiful purple lipstick, which is a colour you just can't find until now on the high street and it was only £1. Here's a link to the website. It is also on the superdrug website where it will supposedly launch in stores also. I haven't seen it in my local one but it was only meant to of launched on the 9th of  April so time will tell but makeup revolution is available from their own website and superdrugs, just search makeup revolution.

The first thing I brought was the palette Iconic 1 which, along with Iconic 2 and 3 are mean't to be dupes for the urban decay naked palettes. As I have naked 2 and 3 I thought I'd go for Iconic one as I really like the shades in naked 1. I am so surprised with this palette, the quality of the shadow's really are very good and even without a primer they lasted really well on my lids. This was only £4 which is incredible value for 12 eye shadows that are actually really good quality.

I also brought two nail varnishes to try out. Left is Heart was broken? Right is Gravity pulls you thru. They have a massive range of colours and for £1 each you can't go wrong.

Onto something I was super excited about. This lipstick in the shade depraved. It is such a beautiful true purple, colour on the lid is what it actually looks like on. I dab it onto my lips for a more unusual lip look. This lasts quite well and for a £1 for such an unusual colour I am pretty happy!

 Another lipstick, this shade is enchant. Again colour it actually is on the lips can be seen on the lid rather than the bullet. I thought this would be more out there but actually it's a really nice pink that is really wearable. Again this was £1.

Last but not least and the reason I made an order with makeup revolution is this beauty. Other than mac I have not seen a foundation that is white and I really wanted one as I have a bobbi brown bb cream that is too dark with me as it was sent by accident instead of a makeup brush. Anyways I saw this, after finding the site from reading a blog post from miss budget beauty. I thought YES a white foundation I can actually afford as it was only £4. This stuff is amazing, it means I can now wear my bobbi brown bb cream which I love and this just feels so soft and mixes really well. I seriously am really chuffed with this and if you have any foundations that are too dark for you or maybe even a cream/liquid blush you want to lighten up, you NEED this.

Overall I can see this new brand being an amazing success. The prices are incredible, the quality of the products is there and the range of colours available is really very good, I mean you can buy a bright blue or yellow lipstick if your heart so wishes to do so!

Check this brand out, I guarantee you will find something that you will need to buy! I've posted twice today as an apology as I hadn't realised I hadn't posted since saturday, It's a busy time for me right now with my final uni project wrapping up but hopefully twice in one day will make up for it! - Amy x

A lovely little primark bag love affair

I brought this bag on Tuesday and it's already love. It's the most gorgeous grey/blue colour. It's the perfect size for me, can be worn just on your arm using the little straps or over your shoulder using the longer strap that can be made longer or shorter. It's a barrel style bag but isn't really ridged which is definitely what I prefer as I don't really barrel bags that aren't soft. It has a handy zip compartment at the front which I use for keys or parking tickets ect, basically stuff that easily gets lost! I also like how the white from behind the material is shown as grey/blue and white looks really beautiful together. It also has a zipped compartment inside. It has subtle muted silver for the zips and joining metal which makes the bag look more expensive. It also has a textured faux leather look, I think any faux leather that is textured always looks more expensive.

You can buy this beautiful bag for the measly sum of £6, yes I said it correctly £6! I could picture this type of bag being at least £20 from a shop such as topshop. I saw so many bags I wanted in primark, they have really up'd their game and have more bags with muted metal, better textures and colours that make them look much more expensive than they actually are. Basically if you want a new bag or even if you don't and just want to treat yourself, go to primark now!!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

haulin', yup, again, oh pay day!

swatches from left to right:
Rimmel nail varnish from Rita Ora's collection lose you lingerie // L'Oréal Paris GlamShine stain splash in lolita and romy // Maybelline colour sensational gloss in cashmere rose // MUA pro-base eye primer // Natural Collection tinted moisturiser in natural // Barry M gelly hi-shine lips in capella rose pink // Collection cream puff in fairy cake // Collection illuminating touch concealer

So I've been shopping. I literally can't help it! some of these were right bargains as well! I've just had all my hair chopped off, I'm talking probably 10 inches, so I wanted to get some heat defence spray as I normally don't bother but I'll be straightening my hair a lot now so I got the L'Oréal hot and smooth 3 day straight spray. Apparently it leaves your hair frizz free and polished plus it works up to 230 degrees which is what my straighteners are! I also got the rough it up spray as it seems to be the best way to style short hair buy giving it texture and the best thing is it was 50p from superdrugs as it was on clearance whey!

Best buy's would have to be the two L'Oréal stains because I found them for £2 in a tesco's clearance section when they are still £7.99 on the boots website!

I decided to try a tinted moisturiser as I've been putting on foundation recently and thinking urghh get off my skin! so I thought I'd give this one a go as it was only £1.99 so nothing to loose hey and it's a bit of coverage.

I love Avéne as a brand and the products seem to work really well with my skin. My heating at home keeps getting stuck on so I'm normally BOILING so this is a must to keep me from burning up! note to dad, fix it!

I got some more masks as I used an anti-stress one the other day and really enjoyed it. I love a good mask as it's so relaxing so I brought more! The garnier one was half price from superdrugs, around 80p and the other one was from boots with a 1/3 off around £1 as apparently it's a special fabric type one so is more than the normal ones.

So maybelline cashmere rose had to be done.  I'm really getting into lip-glosses and after vivianna does makeup said that the colour sensational lip-glosses weren't sticky it had to be done! Also this was on offer for just over £4 in wilko's so it had to be done. Cashmere rose is such a beautiful peachy pink shade, it screams summer.

I love rita ora's collection for rimmel, the shade of nail-varnish I picked is a beautiful pink with the slightest hint of shimmer to really lift it. It's opaque in two coats and lasts really well. I've got one of the balms in the new shades coming too!

I've wanted the MUA pro-base eye primer for ages but I've never been able to find it in store as it's always sold out until now woohoo. I've heard good things so fingers crossed.

I picked up the collection illuminating touch concealer as I wanted to try an illuminating pen but I didn't wanna pay a lot in case I wasn't very keen. This has a pound off in boots so was around £4 and so far I like it. It has a pink tone so is perfect to banish dark circles.

I'm really impressed with Barry M's input on the lip crayons. It's a beautiful colour, applies like a dream as it literally melts on your lips and feels really moisturising.

Last but not least the Collection cream puff in fairy cake. I have the pinky shade of this too. They last for SUCH a LONG time. Even after eating and drinking it was still on my lips. It's such a beautifully coral colour and is a perfect addition to my ever growing collection.

So yeah went kinda bat shit cray and still have some things to come in the post oops! I know I said before I'd bring you a post with products I don't love, well I'm working on it promise It's just hectic with uni as I have a month left until my last ever deadline so ahhhh! Again if you have any haul posts leave me a link as I'm a nosey bugger!

Friday, 4 April 2014

REVIEW: Barry M Lipstick in 155

I was recently in boots and they had a buy one get one half price on Barry M. I knew I wanted one of their new nail varnishes but I couldn't decide on something else then I thought I've wanted a really pink lipstick for a while lets have a look!

I decided on the shade 155. It's pretty bright but it looks slightly less so on the lips. It's a shade that's very much out of my comfort zone but I've really got back into pinks so wanted to give something like this a try. I'm a bit of a woss so I apply this and blend it in to create a more subtle effect but I really really love it.

I would describe it as having a satin/matte finish. it's seriously pigmented, lasts well and doesn't fade patchy which is something I really look for in a lipstick. This was £4.49 and for that price you really can't go wrong!

This is something I will definitely be rocking this spring/summer and it also looks gorgeous with a lipgloss on top, I use picnic in the park from the Tanya Burr collection. - Amy x

Thursday, 3 April 2014

No7 Haulin' - I just can't help myself! (lip crayon, skin illuminator, mascara, bb lips, shade and define)

I missed out on mother's day with my family as I was at work all day so my brother took pity on me, as they all went out for lunch and gave me some money to get my lunch at work. Well my reply was you do know this will go on make-up, because well it's me and he said he didn't care so win win, they had a nice lunch and I got new stuff haha bless him he is a good big bro!

Anyways No7 had this offer on, if you got two cosmetic products you got a free gift so clearly I saw the word free and couldn't contain myself! The two products I went for were the BB lips in blush coral and the stay perfect shade and define in cool mink. So far so good, I am loving these.

The freebie came in a really cute little pink box and contain a little lip crayon in delicate pink, eye shadow which doesn't specify a shade, mini skin illuminator and mini exceptional definition mascara. I really wanted to try out the skin illuminator, the mascara is a firm favourite, I love their lip crayons and the eye shadow is a really nice colour so what more could you want hey!

The swatches from left to right are the eye shadow, stay perfect shade and define, skin illuminator, lip crayon and bb lips.

Have you had a little splurge recently? Let me know 'cause I love reading/watching haul posts! - Amy x