Sunday, 1 March 2015

Collective haul

So it was payday not so long ago and I hit the shops hard! So hard in fact I have two primark hauls and a tiger haul coming your way, what can I say oops! I tend to have one massive blow out the weekend after payday instead of getting bits here and there, who doesn't love coming home with a ton of shopping bags!

I have wanted these since they came out but they are eye wateringly expensive to me as I am used to the real techniques £20 odd for a set not for one brush but I am so glad I finally brought them. These two were the only ones I was really interested in (flat contour 301 and 201 pointed crease), I did like the blush brush but it seemed a little small and the the other brushes too big. They are incredibly soft, they are weighted so feel super luxurious and both are the perfect shape/size for their intended purpose.

I was running out of my Colab dry shampoo, I've gone through two of the big ones already and whilst picking up another I saw the extreme volume version so thought I would give that a go. My day 2/day three hair can go really flat so I thought it would work well for this as I've heard some good reviews. They have a 1/3 off in superdrug at the moment. Out of every dry shampoo I've tried, and that is a lot, this is hands down the absolutely best in terms of formula, effectiveness and cost. 

Asda had some pretty sweet deals on Maybelline makeup. As I love the Maybelline flawless nude foundation so much I thought I'd try the dream satin liquid foundation which has been around for an age and I keep looking at it thinking I want to try it and as it was only £5 I brought it! I also picked up the baby skin instant fatigue blur in warm apricot for £5. I feel like I have been waiting for ages for this to be readily available, the rose variety has been out for ages and I would of thought this one would of been out at the same time but nope. I really didn't want to get rose as I didn't want to add pink to an already red hued face! Finally the 'drugstore' mascara everyone seems to be talking about and as it was on offer for £6 I had to get it. This is of course the lash sensational mascara. It is quite a different styled brush for maybelline and reminds me of a thicker version of benefits roller lash so we shall see. 

Another supermarket another bargain, 3 for 2 on Barry m. After amelia liana raved about the chisel cheeks contour kit it HAD to be mine. I am pretty sure it is the only kit in the 'drugstore' that contains a highlight that isn't packed with shimmer, a bronze shade and a contour shade all in one. I've used it once already and I bloody love it. I also picked up two of the new gelly hi-shine in fondant, a lovely quite eye catching lilac and cotton a lovely white, both colours perfect for spring.

In was in the market for a regular facial oil as the one I have is a dry oil and can be used for your face but I wanted one specifically for my face. I wasn't too bothered about fancy claims but I did want one with vitamins ect and one that I knew and trusted the brand of. It was a choice between this one Good things argan oil perfecting facial oil or the Botanics facial oil but as I saw this one in tkmaxx and it was only £3.99 it won hands down haha as it is usually £6.99. On further inspection the good things oil has more good things in and I especially like that it has vitamin e oil in which is rich in anti-oxidants to protect my skin as well as the oil giving me a good boost in moisture.

I couldn't not get these two books! I have really been enjoying Pretty honest by Sali Hughes and these two (Love Tanya - Tanya Burr and The glam guide - Fleur de force) seemed like similar things in terms of the fact they give advice but in a more visual way and being a photography graduate I can really appreciate the imagery and they seem to be structured and from the little I've already read seem to be more relatable to me personally. They also include sections on happiness which for me is interesting because it is helpful to see how other people deal with sadness and what their coping mechanisms are.

I got these beauts in the newlook sale for only £15. I think they were £30 ish full price so a great bargain. They are really comfy because of the platform and rubber soles and I love the zip and buckle detailing.
These furry things were only £3 so I couldn't not. I really like the pattern and the furry fabric feels really nice. I kinda have a weird taste in shoes, I will probably like the shoes a shop has been trying to shift for months as no one else will buy them haha.

I also got these two beauts but they are images from the newlook website as I took my images the day before I brought these and truth be told I REALLY wasn't planning on spending anymore but I had to!

The boots on the left were only £23, they were originally £39.99 and are real leather. I love the smell of leather, anyone else? The heel size is perfect as they are comfy enough to do day to day activities but they also give me some much needed height as I'm only 5ft2. I have been umming and ahhing about the shoes on the left for about 2 months. I saw them online and really liked them, then saw them in store but there was only one pair and someone was already trying them on, then I saw them in store in the sale but I needed a size down and then FINALLY I found a pair when I wasn't even looking in my size so by the end of all that I was bloody buying them! The look pretty high and because I have flat feet and wonky ankles me and heels don't mix but these are perfect. They are SO comfy because the platform is thick and the sole is rubber making the impact between foot, shoe and floor a lot softer because of the padding I guess and rubber has some bounce. I can't wait to have an excuse to wear these!!

Have you been enjoying the fruits of your labor by shopping and spending an obscene amount? - Amy x

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

D.I.Y: copper glass jars

This kinda of goes on from the 'D.I.Y' for glass jars I posted the other day. I was looking around Wilko and spotted a can of spray paint in copper on sale for £2 and I knew it had to be mine and I also knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

I have never used spray paint before but it seemed pretty obvious what I had to do. I create the lines/sections I just used sellotape and It seemed to work pretty well. I used the spray paint in my garden so as not to choke on fumes or just the paint everywhere and just put it under neath my BBQ which has a rack under neath and just let it dry. When dry I just removed the sellotape and voila you are left with some very pretty glass jars.

Now I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but having not spray painted before I think they have turned out really well! I seem to be obsessed with doing little D.I.Y's in my bedroom! I covered my dressing table glass in marble sticky back plastic and I am so chuffed with it! - Amy x

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February favourites

I know everyone will say this but where the bloody hell has February gone. It felt like it has just flown by! I have been loving quite a few things this month but I managed to whittle it down as a lot of the things I have been loving I've only just brought but these have been firm favourites for the whole month.

1. Benefit roller lash. It is as good as people say. I much prefer it to they're real as it is easier to get off and it just makes my lashes look amazing.

2. Feint eye shadow from the Illamasqua Aura Palette bottom middle. It is the perfect crease shade and is a really pretty mix between red and brown. It also has great pigmentation and saying power.

3. Essence waterproof eyeliner. This has been an essential this month as I had a stye and after that had cleared up I had a rather unsightly gap in my eyelashes so I have been using this just to dot in the gap so it kinda looks like I have eye lashes there if you get what I mean. Anyway it has been making me feel much less self conscious about it. My lashes are growing back nicely though!

4. Tisserand head clear aromatherapy roller ball. This stuff smells amazing and for me feels really calming. I like to use it before bed or when I feel a headache coming on because it just seems to take the edge off. I think it is a combination of the smell and the act of rolling it over your temples/pressure points.

5. This is a joint one. The Real techniques retractable bronzer brush with the Body Shop honey bronzer. I am a super pale gal but I used to find trying to bronze my face up really difficult because it just looked too heavy and unnatural where as with the lighest honey bronzer and the super soft and fluffy retractable brush it goes on like a dream, looks really natural and just gives my face a bit of warmth. It has become an everyday staple in my makeup routine now!

6. The comic relief great british bake off has been absolutely hilarious and I have also been loving couples come dine with me because the narrator just cracks me up.

What have your favourites been this month? - Amy x

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

D.I.Y (Kinda) super cheap makeup brush holders

I thought I'd let you in on my new favourite way to store makeup my brushes. I used to keep them on top of my clear acrylic drawers in more acrylic storage and before that in ikea plant pots but although I had sorted them into sections I wanted it to be even easier to just grab whatever brush I needed to use instead of playing spot the brush all the time.

Initially I was using glass jars my family had finished with however some of them just weren't the right size/shape for example a nutella jar isn't the best. I went off on a mission to tesco to find the right shapes glass jars and came across their every day value range with starts from as little as just over 20p and a max of about 50p so ridiculously cheap. Now you may be thinking surely it is wasteful to just get jars to use for makeup brushes and chuck the food but don't worry I decanted the food into other containers so chill!

The main thing you have to do is get the ugly label off. Some labels are tricky buggers but I find hot water, lots of soap and a metal scourers work as the glue can be pretty stubborn.

Pretty self explanatory but now all you gotta do is let them dry. I'm pretty sure decor shops sell glass jars and charge a stupid amount so it makes total sense to just do it yourself and I think all the different sizes and shapes look really nice and quirky, especially since I have a glass top dressing table as well, it all matches perfectly. As they are glass jars though it means they will match with anything.

At this stage you could decide to decorate the jars with ribbon, stencils, sharpies if aren't too shabby at drawing (I am crap) but I chose to leave mine plain and add 'display sand' in a kind of glittery white to make sure the brushes stand up but that isn't necessary at all as you can see below as I shot that as a quick example.

And there you have it a simple pretty makeup brush holder! This one is perfect for all my eye brushes as it is shorter as the ikea plant pots are too tall as are most things I have tried and I just find them annoying for smaller brushes. I find it so much easier to have separate jars for blush, contouring, bases, eyes as I know exactly where whatever brush I need will be and yes I have labeled most of my brushes too, I got a bit happy with the dymo machine, oops! Who needs example brush storage when you can buy a 24p jar of mint sauce! - Amy x

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

REVIEW & COMPARISON: Maybelline dream flawless nude fluid-touch foundation vs Chanel Vitalumére aqua

Today I am going to be reviewing the new Maybelline dream flawless nude fluid-touch foundation - what a name! I got this foundation about a month ago now so I think that is enough time to give is a fair review. On my first try I absolutely loved it and I still do now! It is incredibly light weight, it doesn't feel like you have anything on, much like the Maybelline eraser eye concealer, such a good combo! It is a good match for my skin tone, I've got the shade Ivory which is the lightest. I really like the applicator as you can just let it drop onto your hand so there is no touching involved so super hygienic or my preferred method is to just wipe the stick type thang all over my face then blend in with a the real techniques expert face brush or my fingers work well. My skin feels super soft when I have this on. It lasts really well, I had an 8 hour shift at work and my skin looked just as I had first applied it which rarely EVER happens for me and that was without a primer! It nicely evens out my skin tone, greatly improves its appearance and I found it works really well at toning down my red bits, especially the cheek area for me.

I originally got this as I thought it may be a much cheaper alternative to my much loved chanel vitalumére aqua and actually it is a pretty good match in terms lasting power, finish and coverage however I would say the Maybelline offering is slightly lighter in texture which I prefer and I much prefer Maybelline's applicator. I do however think that the chanel colour (10 beige) is a slightly better match for me but sorry chanel I don't think I will be repurchasing you from now on as I have found a much cheaper gem in the new Maybelline foundation. Basically if you have been eyeing up a high end light weight flawless foundation give this one a go first! It is currently on offer in boots and superdrug for £5.99 so for that price you've got nothing to loose!

Have you tried this yet? - Amy x

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Favourite recent real techniques additions

A few weeks ago I expanded my real techniques collection quite a bit and purchased another core collection, mini's set, travel set and the retractable bronzer brush. Instead of wittering on about things I have already reviewed I thought I would pick my top four that have made it to the top of my most used brushes pretty quick!

First up is the mini face brush from the mini's set. This is the perfect brush for contouring, it really sculpts your cheek bones because it is long, thin and dome shaped so creates a line but because it is domed it can be perfectly blended out. I love to use this with my Illamasqua cream pigment in hollow,

Second is the contour brush. The only reason I brought another core collection is purely because of this brush. It is perfect for contouring as the name would suggest and I usually just use powders with this brush as I tend to like to use one brush solely for cream and one for powder products so it is less messy and it is also the perfect size for highlighting, hence why I needed another one!

Next is the domed shadow brush. This is the perfect size for my crease. The domed shape means that it is great for blending and the size and flatter style of it means it is great for really packing product on. It is from the travel essentials set and comes with a really lovely multi task brush which reminds me of the buffing brush and a nice foundation brush with more of a rounded top than that in the core collection which I don't reckon much of.

Finally and probably my most favourite is the retractable bronzer brush. Most of the time I look like casper the friendly ghost but I always found brushes I had packed on bronzer too heavily and it didn't look right. This brush is perfect for giving a light dusting of bronzer so I look more human but it in no way looks like I have had a bad tan or a make up mishap. I love using the body shop honey bronzer with this brush as it is a light subtle shade. I apply bronzer to my cheeks, temples and jawline and then I don't look ill anymore, win!

What is your favourite makeup brush? - Amy x

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Pink to make them wink

So as it is valentines day on Saturday I thought I'd get in to the spirit a bit and show you some of my favourite pink products. I shall be my sister & her partners 'taxi' to their lovey dovey meal #foreveralone but I may as well make use of the pinky hues within my stash for the occasion hey! I would love to do proper makeup tutorial for you all but I currently have a stye, sad face, so cannot use any makeup until that clears up which will hopefully be really soon! With a swollen eye and no makeup you can imagine I look really attractive right now haha.

Products featured are: Barry m gelly hi-shine rose hip, Essie off the shoulder, I heart makeup candy queen of hearts blush, Garnier 5sec perfect blur primer, Maybelline great lash waterproof, Sleek pixie pink blush, Seventeen make you look cheek stamp, Nars satin lip pencil in yu, Ysl rouge volupté in opera rose and Nyx butter gloss in strawberry parfait.

Nyx butter glosses are one of my fave formulas because they aren't sticky and feel nice and moisturising. Need I say more about the ysl lipstick, it's ysl! The nars lip pencil is a beautiful stand out pink but definitely wearable for those who have a bit of an aversion to colour. You are always onto a winner with the quality of sleek and I heart makeup blushes. The 5sec perfect blur primer was my first primer and will always hold a soft spot for me and I still think it is bloody good. The maybelline great lash mascara is a really underrated goodie, especially the waterproof version if you are after something cheap. Essie polishes are always a firm favourite of mine, as are the barry m gelly hi-shine polishes, the quality is hard to argue with for my nails anyways. - Amy x

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