Friday, 24 October 2014

REVIEW: Too Faced chocolate bar palette

I snapped the infamous too faced chocolate bar from I managed to get this for £30.60 instead of £45 which is crazyyy but that is the beauty of cohorted so go and check the site out if you haven't heard of what it's about. I thought this palette was just called the chocolate bar palette as it has chocolatey shades but oh no this palette has the most heavenly chocolate scent.

This is the most expensive palette I have ever brought and almost the most amazing. It has a bit of everything, matte, shimmer and glitter with lovely golden, bronze, brown, pinky and purpley tones. My fav everyday combo is white chocolate on my brow bones, mazipan all over and milk chocolate in the crease. It gives a really beautiful shimmery defined effect. The palette also comes with a guide with three looks to start you off on getting creative with this palette. It really is SO versatile.

For me there is no fall out, the quality of the shades and pigmentation is amazing, they do not crease on my lids and last for a very very long time. I have zero regrets for spending so much money, I LOVE this palette. The packaging feels hardy and I love how too faced have carried on the chocolate bar theme through out everything.

I just wanna add a little apology as I realise I haven't blogged for a week, it was an unintentional break but I'm having a bit of a tough time at the moment but I'm hoping things will get back to normal soon but apologies for such a long unintentional break! - Amy x

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Friday, 17 October 2014

REVIEW: Barbara Daly Long wear eyeshadow stick

I love love loveeeee this little beauty. It's the Barbara Daly long wear eye shadow stick in shimmer sand aka rose gold. It is such a beautiful shade with the perfect amount of shimmer and as the name would suggest the wear time is incredible, think Maybelline colour tattoos. This doesn't crease on me at all and that is without using a primer, I may put some foundation on my eyelids but not a proper primer and it doesn't crease at all. The packaging looks lovely and luxe, it has a graphite grey mirror kinda finish and the product is popped up with a generic twist action but if it aint broke why fix it hey! This was only £3, I believe this may of been sale price as I'm pretty sure they used to be double that or more but it didn't have a sale label so maybe Barbara Daly has reduced her prices! These can be found at bigger Tesco's stores or the black marble variation is available online here. It really is the perfect thing to use in a rush, you just pop it on your lids straight from the packaging, blend with your finger and your done. It creates such a beautiful shimmery warming effect to your lids. I think it would work amazingly well with gold and pinky toned eye shadows over the top too, think urban decay naked 3.

What is your favourite long wearing shadow stick? I am obsessed with how easy they are to use! - Amy x

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

D.I.Y: Flower wall

I kept seeing these beautiful flower walls online and I really wanted to try it out for myself as I love fresh flowers and I don't know if they really do but they seem to help a tiny bit with my mood. I just brought some washi style tape but in a bolder colour instead of super light as I wanted it to be part of the feature as well as something practical to stick the flowers on with. I then just brought a cheap £3 bunch of flowers from Aldi. My initial idea was to go from light to dark and semi wing it in terms of spacing ect and just hope I had enough flowers. Above is my final result and I'm really happy with it!

Above is some inspiration. I had a quick browse on google images before I started sorting everything out. I really liked the more spaced out designs and ones that had more of a looser pattern. These are obviously all on white walls but I thought it would still work on my peachy pink wall as it's light enough.

So the left picture is half way through, As I was initially going light to dark I quickly realised I didn't have enough to do that properly and sticking a gerbera ect in the middle of it would look pretty randon. I switched some things around, added some of the leaves as well and made is more of a casual pattern instead of being to rigid with going light to dark. I am so happy with the result and for £3 for a bunch of flowers and £2 for some washi style tape (I got two rolls for this) I think it's a really cheap D.I.Y that looks so good. I'm hoping the flowers will dry out nicely and it will last a while but it not it was cheap to do and looks beautiful while it lasts.

What do you think? Would you consider this for your home? - Amy x

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Monday, 13 October 2014

M&S beauty haul

So I went to Marks & Spencer's recently and I accidentally went to the beauty section and may have accidentally taken these items to a till, oops. I really wanted to try out some of the limited collection range, in particular their limited edition stuff. Oh my the packaging is so cuteeeeeeee. Okay it's cardboard but it does feel sturdy enough and the prices are pretty bloody good for M&S.

The first thing I picked up was in the sale section and is actually from the autograph range and is that super pretty shimmery peach eye shadow. It is the first swatch going from left to right. It was only 79p I believe and is the loveliest shade! Perfect for high lighting or a wash of colour all over and I'm impressed with wear time and would liken it to urban decay. Obviously the applicator is useless and I would prefer if the packaging had a window so you could see the shade but for the cheaper than chips price and super pretty colour I don't really care.

Now onto the limited collection items. I picked up the bronzer in light and this was only £5 which I think is really cheap for M&S. It feels really smooth, blends really well on application, only has the tiniest hint of shimmer so is great for contouring and the packaging is really eye catching. It is the second swatch from left to right and as you can see it's a really nice wearable shade which for me works perfectly on my quite pale skin.

I also picked up a blush which a long with the bronzer and the lipstick I'll talk about next is limited edition and I think they switch these up every season. The blush is stunning. The gold is only a coating but underneath is a darker pink in the flower pattern. The packaging is sooooo cute and matches the flowery pattern on the blush itself. The swatch is third from left to right and is of the colours swirled together. It creates the most beautiful dusty pink with a hint of peachy orange, kinda hard to describe but you can see how nice it is and a really nice shade for autumn/winter.

Finally I picked up the lipstick in mallow. This is such a pretty shade I would wear for everyday. It's kinda hard to describe, it's like a dark dusty pink with a slight browny orange tone if that makes sense. Probably easier for you to look at the swatch, last on the right. I am rubbish at describe colours haha. This lipstick is smooth, applies evenly and lasts really well. It's the perfect autumn nude as it's slightly darker in tone than your average nude lipstick.

Have you tried the limited collection from M&S? I definitely want to try more from the permanent range and whilst I was there I noticed M&S sell stila, some damage may be done, I must keep away! - Amy x

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

REVIEW: Urban Decay naked 2 basics

When I first saw the naked 2 basics being talked about online I knew it had to be mine. The first naked basics really wasn't my thing as the shades seemed too warm and the first three looked extremely similar. Fast forward to the naked 2 basics and it's a different story. This is such a lovely palette full of taupey cool toned nudes which I love! Until a few months ago I wasn't really a lover of matte shades and when I got my naked 3 palette I ignored the matte shades to begin with but as time went on limit and nooner became my fave everyday combo so I knew when I saw the naked 2 basics I was gunna need me some of that! Now the palette is basically matte but the first shade skimp is more of a satin with slight shimmer which is the perfect shade for the corner of your eyes and brow bone but not too much.

My fave combo at the moment is frisk all over, primal in the crease, undone as a liner and skimp in the corner of my eyes and brow bone. My fave shade is easily frisk and it's probably the main reason I wanted the palette. It's like no shade I have and it is the most beautiful light taupe shade with the tiniest hint of lilac I think, I just love it! The quality of the eye shadows is ON POINT. The pigmentation is great, especially as they are nude shades. I get no fall out with the shadows so ruining my concealer/foundation isn't an issue. The packaging is really nice and compact. It looks swish with the embossed letters and smooth matte surface much like the Nars packaging but in a colour that doesn't show the dirt quite so much.

I personally think for the quality and many options this palette gives at £22 (I think it's £22 as that is how much the original costs) it's not half bad. I however brought this palette from This website is AMAZING. They currently sell 4 items a week (Monday at 6pm, set your alarms) and the more people buy the higher the discount, however they do have a limited stock. In the end I paid £15.40 for this instead of £22, what a bargain! I still don't think it's come out in the UK yet as I can't find it anywhere. I also picked up the too faced chocolate palette for £30.60 instead of £45 which sold out in about 5 minutes, crazy hey! I can't wait to review that beauty, oh my it smells GOOD. I have also been informed the lorac pro palette is coming to the website soon so I really hope I am quick enough to be able to snap up that as it sounds like the most perfect palette every invented, I need it!!! - Amy x

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Why is weight loss so hard?

Okay so I'm not going to pretend I have the answer to that question but I'm gunna share my experience and what I think about it all. This won't be relevant to everyone but for me as I am 'classified' as over weight it is something I want to do and if any of these insights help anyone else like they have helped me then that's great. Now for me I have always felt the pressure of other people wanting me to loose weight which has really just made me want to gorge even more. When I have decided I want to loose weight for myself I have always set unrealistic goals like loosing three pound a week which hey may be possible in the first few weeks or months but is not realistically do able for the long haul and then when I fail I think oh well I may as well gorge. If I've eaten something that wasn't a particularly healthy choice I just think sod it the whole day is ruined I may as well eat what I want and then that turns into days, then a week ect. Do these scenarios sound familiar?

I've never tried to loose weight for the sake of loosing weight. There has always been a reason, my graduation or someones wedding for example and I have put huge amounts of pressure on myself that has just lead to gorging on poor choices. Last week however was different. I just decided to eat a little less as I was having two big meals a day instead of the 'normal' small meal and main meal. Just from changing that one thing I lost 2 lbs and I had gone out for dinner 3 times last week as well so it made me think 1. Holy shit I've been over eating by a fair amount and 2. There is absolutely no need to beat yourself up to get a result. I think you need to go into wanting to loose weight by not having a time limit, not having pressures from other sources such as a holiday, event or even relatives and not setting yourself unrealistic goals. Small goals that are realistic are the way forward, for example next week I may decide to try out not drinking full fat fizzy drinks for a week.

Say for example you don't do any exercise which is currently me. I know people tell you that you should do at least 2 and a half hours a week I think but realistically are you gunna just wake up one day and that's what's going to happen? No. My advice is to pick an activity you like, pick the best day and the best time possible to do this for example I may pick a monday evening at 8pm and ride my exercise bike for 30mins during eastenders. Yes that is only 30 mins a week but it's almost certainly achievable and that achievement will make you feel good. You can always revisit your plan and add in more time you feel is achievable. The aim of the game is to not take on too much too soon so you don't get disheartened. You have gotta play the long game and just know day by day you are going in the right direction, loosing that one pound a week for example, doing at least some exercise a week as that is more than perhaps you are doing right now and you are not going backwards, you are going forward.

Don't beat yourself up about having that cake or going out for the night. You still need to live your life but by making small changes gradually, they will soon add up to big changes and you will feel and see a difference eventually. The longer it takes the more likely it is that you will keep the weight off or stick to those healthier choices and it will just become a part of your daily routine. Also if you have naggy relatives or friends, just don't tell them! They will soon notice on their own, you don't need that extra pressure or questions like how's it going or I don't suppose you can have a dessert all. the. time.

So this is me putting it out there. I am trying to loose weight but I'm not going to do 'weekly weigh ins' if I don't want to as I'm not going to put pressure on myself, even if I just loose one pound a week, I'm still loosing. I guess this is a selfish post for me as if I do get down about it I can read this and I've given myself a pep talk haha. Hopefully this is helpful to some of you as I know how hard it can be, I've battled with my weight since I was 13/14 and I'm nearly 23 now. That is basically 10 years and I've come to a point where enough's enough. I'm going to do something about it but I'm going to do it slowly, in my own time, no time limits, no pressure and in a healthy way as each small change or loss means I'm going in the right direction. - Amy x

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The £1 90's nude lip

I saw this in superdrug, thought it was a nice colour and for £1 you can't go wrong. I know this is a lip liner but I had no intention of really using it for that. I've really gotten into using lip liner's as lipstick as they just last so well.

The MUA intense colour lip liner in caramel nougat isn't that drying, is nice and matte and just lasts really well. It's a really nice browny pinky toned nude that I think would suit anyone as it isn't too light or too brown toned which is normally my problem.

For £1 this is a super super cheap option to try out the nude lips trend and if you don't like it, what's a £1 hey. MUA is a really great brand if you are on a budget, I can't really think of anything I've brought that I haven't liked. What do you think of the whole nude lips trend? - Amy x

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