Sunday, 23 November 2014

Insta update

These images are from the past few weeks and as you can see I've been feeling REALLY festive.

I made some cute D.I.Y christmas bunting // I found the cutest christmas wrapping paper and wrapped all my gifts // Had to buy a festive duvet set // I picked up real techniques nic's picks brushes for £20 from superdrug // My first starbucks red cup of the season // Super cute and cheap christmas tea light holder // Another christmas duvet set // Had to buy this book after all the hype around it, haven't started it yet // Nails inc wigmore street and Barry m glitter // You beauty discovery advent calendar, so excited!! // Walks with my mumma // White hot chocolate mmmhmmm // Rainbow! // Christmas phone cover // Watching one of my fav films, frozen // Jelly babies berry mix, whoever put this idea forward, thank you! // Purple fairy lights // Jazzy work wear // A lovely quote to remember // Coke truck!! // Who ate all the... cushion from asda // Rainy autumn leaves.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bargain Christmas tealight holders

I couldn't not share these, I mean look at them, they are so friggin' cute! The best part about these are they are from poundland which indeed makes them a tiny £1 each. I have a Yankee candle advent calender this year so these will be absolutely perfect to use throughout December. Considering their price they seem surprisingly well made and have a nice rustic/traditional Christmas vibe which fits in with my theme. As far as I know there are only these three styles but there could be more. When I brought mine there weren't a ton in stock so I'd move quick if you fancy buying these. I can't decide between the tree and pudding as to which one is my favourite! I'm very much into this kind of Christmas style in comparison to a shit ton of glitter, silver and gold ect. I love the traditional greens and reds. They are so cute! I also thought these would make lovely teacher presents as they are really nice but also really cheap or stocking fillers ect or an add on if you have a candle loving friend with some Yankee tealights ect, I know I'd be happy!

Some may say it's too early for these kinda posts but Christmas is a time that really gets me excited. Things are going nicely, I'm enjoying my job, I'm doing lots of extra hours, the medication I'm on is working a treat and I just feel kinda settled/stable which is a nice feeling to have. Just a quick little post but I have lots of images waiting in the pipeline. I really want to get back into blogging at least every two days again so please bare with me whilst I sort myself out! - Amy x

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Friday, 14 November 2014

I been haulin' part two

Oops I did it again. This is more of a collective haul but as you can see I've been reallyyyy treating myself, my bad. Tesco had some money off certain products so I picked up the mustardy barry m gelly hi shine shade from them for £2.99. Sainsburys also had money off certain products so I picked up the Maybelline great lash waterproof mascara for £4 and I actually needed this! Superdrug have a 3 for 2 going on all cosmetics at the moment so I picked up the I heart makeup blushing heart in candy queen of hearts, the definition/contour kit in fair (which were both £4.99) and the L'Oréal pure red Blake as I loved Eva's red so much! As part of another 3 for 2 I also got the mua peel off polish (£2) as tis the season for glitter! A make up revolution blush in wow! and a makeup revolution lipstick in the shade vamp! I believe (both £1). I also got some kiss trio lashes as they had a 1/3 off and I was watching a leighannsays youtube video and she said how easy they were to apply. I really struggle with false lashes but think they look stunning so I'm hoping I'll be able to work with these. Finally I picked up the Rimmel exaggerate lip liner in eastend snob (£3.99) as amelia liana said it was a good dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's pillow talk which I have been lusting after!

I have absolutely been loving I heart makeup/makeup revolution and am so happy my local Superdrugs now stocks the brands as I am in love! The pigmentation in their contour kit is friggin amazing for only £4.99 like seriously you only need a light touch! I can't wait to paint my nails with glitter to test out the peel off polish but firstly the barry m mustard shade will be gracing my nails, it screams autumn as it is exactly like the colour the leaves turn! I also got my work uniform which as I work at next it is essentially next clothes and gahh they are soooo nice! I got a pair of the ultimate capri pants and 'cause I'm short they are the perfect length but the fit is so nice and actually makes my legs appear smaller, win win. Next have some gorgeous autumn/winter stuff. I've also spied a Christmas top I'm going to buy to wear on Christmas day! - Amy x

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

REVIEW: Illamasqua multi facet palette is Aura

I have seen this palette a lot over the last few weeks on blogs but have noticed pretty much every one I've read has been a pr sample so as I have brought this myself I thought I'd let you in on whether it is really worth the money! The only other Illamasqua product I have is a glamore lipstick from a beauty box which isn't a colour that really suits me but the formula is amazing so I really wanted to try more!

I'll start by saying that this is my new favourite thing, easily worth the money and it's love. The palette is of course the Illamasqua multi facet palette in Aura. It is the most versatile palette I have ever seen on the market and the quality is pretty amazing. It comes with a gleam highlighter in Aurora, blush in Tremble, contour shade in Hollow, brow cake in Thunder and four eye shadows 1. Vision, 2. Servant, 3. Feint and 4. Machine. You also get a double ended brush, one side being good for blending and packing on colour and the other being good for eyebrows and lining.

As you can probably tell the palette is already well loved, I did try and make it a bit more presentable for pictures though! It is basically your whole face done in one palette. The shades are right up my street. I can see why people love the cream pigment in Hollow because it is frigging amazing for contouring and so easy to use. The eye shadows look absolutely beautiful together, my favourite is Feint, it just screams autumn and is an amazing crease colour. I didn't think the peachy shade servant would look good on my lids but I even love that one with the others as a complete look. The palette also has a decent sized mirror so it really is perfect for on the go. I was worried I wouldn't get any use out of the brow cake as it did look a bit reddy toned from swatches online but it looks so natural on my brows, I love it! The blush is a gorgeous pink with a hint of coral, it is such a pretty shade! The gleam highlight blends seamlessly and looks so beautiful.

There literally are not enough words to tell you how much I love using this thing. Ever since I got it about two weeks ago I have used all of it or at least some part of it every single day. I can't wait to try some more things from Illamasqua. They had an amazing Christmas sale on last year, I really don't know why I didn't get anything then, I guess I just didn't know anything about the brand but this year I am ready to get in on some of those bargains! Can you tell I'm obsessed with this? - Amy x

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

I be haulin'

Soooooooo I brought some stuffs. I am friggin excited for christmas but as I've finished my christmas shopping I'm just shopping for myself! It's pretty much been a weekend full of shopping, I feel slightly guilty but meh present buying is done, why not!

First up I purchased Nik's Picks real techniques brushes. These were on offer for £20 in superdrug which is crazy as per brush it probably averages out at around £8 - £10 so it was such a good deal! I watched a tutorial where Nic used the cheek brush and it looked so versatile, the eye brushes will certainly come in handy as I prefer the base shadow brush over the deluxe blending brush so now I have two and I have a slanted eye brush which is perfect for getting into the crease. The duo fibre brush is also perfect for finishing powder so all in all it's an amazing set as the quality of real techniques is on point.

I also picked up the L'Oréal brow artist plumper in medium/dark as I am pretty sure I saw it on viviannadoesmakeup's channel and it looked like a really good super cheap dupe for the benefit's gimme brow. I thought it might be a bit light as a normally go for just dark but L'Oréal only had two options but I'm pretty happy with the shade. So far I rather like it but something else I brought has kinda taken my heart for now which is as follows! As part of  the boots 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics, I also picked up the Soap & Glory archery in pencil/spoolie form in hot chocolate. I am a huge fan of the original archery and I used to think pencil's required a lot of hard work and I never seemed to get the hang of them. I was wrong. This is so so easy to use as well as being super quick. The pencil is really fine and has just the right amount of pigmentation to create nice natural looking brows. The spoolie is literally the best I have ever used, my brows feel so smooth and well groomed after. My third item from boots is another product I've heard a lot of good things about, the Seventeen define and conquer contour kit. I really like this, I was worried it may be too dark but actually it's a really nice shade and the highlight is great as I don't have anything like it in terms of it looking nice and natural. It's a really great kit and for £5.99 I believe it even beats sleek's cheap prices.

Finally and yet again another product I've heard a lot of good things about, mainly from Amelia Liana and that is the Rimmel provocalips. I picked the shade kiss me you fool. I am so impressed with the formula of this. I tried it yesterday and I was so tired I fell asleep with my make-up on. Let's just say trying to get this off this morning was bloody difficult, I had to scrub! Whilst I had it on yesterday it also endured a Starbucks, biscuits and a tuna mayo sub so yano that is bloody good going as even when lip things say they will last a long time, they never do on me, so this stuff is amazing. This is such a pretty true red shade. I was a bit worried about how glossy it looks but it doesn't feel sticky, It feels really light on the lips and it kind of settles down to a more satin finish. Basically I need all the other shades, It's amazing! I got this from wilko's on offer for only £4.98 as it's on offer at the moment so bargain!

I also went shopping today, oops! So the next post will probably be a haul, my bad! I also have a super cheap Christmas D.I.Y coming up.  If you hate Christmas I'm sorry but I've seen the coca cola add so I am in full on Christmas mode now! Can I also just express how much I miss proper day light. I do apologise for the appalling picture quality, I need to plan better so I don't have to shoot with my ISO ramped up to 6400. I'm just not a morning person okay haha - Amy x

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Friday, 7 November 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr leather effect

I have long been obsessed with the Maybelline colour tattoo's, permanent taupe which is very much like the leather effect offerings, being one of my fav. These two new additions are super wearable shades with formula's that are just as good as their counter parts.

Vintage plum is quite similar to permanent taupe but obviously has a plum tone. This looks stunning as a base for shades in the urban decay naked 3 palette. Creamy beige I would describe as a neutral gold if that makes sense. It has the slightest hint of shimmer, it is beige but definitely has gold tones. It looks amazing as a base for gold powder eye shadows and really makes them pop. These two are just as great on there own and make doing eye make-up a breeze when I'm in a rush. I simply apply then blend out all with my fingers. I'm really glad Maybelline has added some more wearable not so shimmery shades as these are amazing as bases but they do still stand out on their own. It's love people, it's love.

Major apologies for being so sporadic with posting, I can never seem to get good enough light to shoot product pictures and it is putting a downer on my mojo BUT I am so so so excited that Christmas is so soon now so expect Christmas posts realllll soon. I've already finished all of my Christmas shopping haha, I'm really tempted to get it all wrapped tonight. How sad am I? Actually don't answer that! - Amy x

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

REVIEW: L'Oréal Colour Riche pure red Eva and Maybelline's colour drama lip pencil in berry much

Late night shopping got me and as Tesco randomly still had their make-up section open at 12am when it's normally all covered by 8pm, I took full advantage of that! These are two lip products I have been dying to try and pretty perfect autumn colours.

Top swatch and the first one I'll talk about is the highly coveted Maybelline colour drama intense velvet lip pencil in berry much. This is a such a gorgeous berry, perfect for this time of year and it has hints of purple and red which I love. The pigmentation is on point and as it is more, as the name suggests, on the velvet side of being matte I don't find it drying at all. Such an easy product to apply, it's just a shame it isn't a twist up pencil as I'll have to try and find a big sharpener for it but it's worth it!

Bottom swatch is the lovely L'Oréal colour riche pure red collection exclusive by Eva. Now I don't have Eva's colouring at all, more like Julianne's but I much prefer a deeper red so didn't like the other red's on offer. The colour riche formula is lovely but unlike the nude counter parts this is matte so stays around for longer. I really love the colour of this, it kinda has the slightest orangey tone to it, kinda like a lighter version of Mac's Viva Glam 1?! I don't know but I do like this kind of red tone.

I have two more late night purchases in the form of the new Maybelline leather colour tattoo's but that will be for tomorrow! Let's just say I love them as much as the original's! - Amy x

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