Tuesday, 29 July 2014

kinda huge payday haul, oops!

Okay so I may have gone a little cray cray when payday came around this time BUT most of it was on a deal or in the sale so I thought I'd show you my loot and tell you where you can find the bargains at the same time!

First up is a selection of skin care. I got two products from the waitrose pure range. A facial oil and a beauty balm. I have wanted to try a facial oil for a while and try a balm so for £2.99 a pop these seemed perfect and feel really nice so expect a more in-depth review in a few weeks. Next I got a garnier charcoal scrub as I loved the Bioré charcoal cleanser I got so much, this was only £3.33 instead of £4.99. I also got some boots skin clear stuff as it's always useful to have if your skin is misbehaving and these had money off. I also got the sanctuary 5 minute detox mask which surprise surprise has charcoal in! This was down to £7 instead of £10.50 which I believe ends on the 05/08 so be quick! Finally I picked up a mini of the body shop seaweed clarifying toner. I got this as I have heard good things and liked the look of the ingredients. 

Next up are some randoms/hair stuff. I got a cute little notebook from wilko for only £1. I have been looking for that primark necklace for so long and finally it's mine! It is SO pretty. I picked up a primark foot file 'cause everyone needs to take care of their feet and it was £1, ridiculous! I also got a little stippling brush from there for £1.50. It is SO soft, I don't understand how they can be so cheap. I also picked up some Bblonde medium lift (I already have the powder) as I'm toying with the idea of re-doing my ombré. The beanie was 20p from primark so I couldn't say no as it's 20p come on and I love the colour burgundy. Finally I picked up the L'Oréal casting sunkiss jelly in 01, my hair is quite dark so  I don't if it will work but it's worth a shot before the strong stuff!

So I had to take my fmp back to Uni as I was chosen to take part in their exhibition running for a month for new students to get an idea of the variations of work, any ways! My uni has a quaint little town so I decided to do a bit of shopping for old times sake and the boots there had an AMAZING clearance section. Once I got over the shitty customer service I received I am pretty happy with my loot! Not all of it is from boots/in the sale so I'll begin roughly from left to right. Maybelline fit me concealer was only 50p INSANE! The natural collection is in the shade fig and was £1.99. The collection blush and highlight and blush duo were 50p. I should of taken picture's with the lids up as you can't really see the shades correctly at all but I will probably do a review on them! The seventeen falsifeye hd mascara was down to £4.99 as it's a new release and seventeen had a buy one get one half price offer so I got the seventeen stay pout lipstick in just a fling for half the price. This shade reminded me of mac's velvet teddy but with a less pink tone, I am obsessed with those kind of shades at the moment. The seventeen nailvarnish was 50p and is a matte effect with light golden foil pieces. I think this will be beautiful as a top coat over a pretty nude. The barry m lipstick was only 50p. I already have one of these but it's pretty old so got a new one, why not for 50p! It reacts to the alkali in/on your lips to create the perfect pink shade for you. I believe they have just re-released this so I'm guessing this was why it was on clearance as this is the old packaging. I also got the soap and glory cheekmate for £1, again crazy prices and I've wanted to try this for ages. Finally from the clearance stand I picked up two maybelline fit me stick foundations in ivory for £1 each, again I cannot believe the prices! I've wanted to try these for ages after kate from gh0stparties raved about them! From wilko I picked up two matt xxxl lipgloss/lipsticks. I am not so impressed with the pink one, haven't tried the red yet, I'm hoping it's not as bad as the pink! I also picked up another nail varnish but that was in my room and I'm lazy hah. Finally I picked up the garnier bb cream + blur in light. I LOVE the garnier 5 second blur primer so I knew I needed to get this! It was down to £6.65 from £9.99 where I got it from but when I went to another boots it wasn't on offer and was £12.99 so I'm a bit confused but I got it for £6.65 so meh! I can't wait to try this!!

So now I am on a spending ban haha. Considering the amount of stuff I got some amazing bargains. I swear I can sniff a bargain out, it's like I just know! I think I prefer having one big blow out instead of bits here and there. What do you do on pay day, big shop or restrain yourself? Seriously though you should all check out your local boots and try and find where the clearance section is!! If you are interested in any of the skincare deals I think they end on the 05/08. - Amy x

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Beautiful blooms

I'm pretty chuffed with my 99p (orginally £5) bargain flowers from the waitrose clearance section so here's some pictures of my loot! I also got a bunch of roses for 99p that used to be £4. I have no idea why these were both on clearance as I can't see anything wrong with them! I have found some flower bargains from waitrose in the past so if you are after a cheap pop of colour in the form of flowers I would definitely check your local branch as these really brightened my day and the rose's my mums! -  Amy x

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Recent buys

To go along with my little essence haul, I also brought these lovely things! The Bioré charcoal cleanser is AMAZING, you can really feel it working and it had money off so even better! I had to repurchase the Botanics rosewater toning spritz. I love this stuff, my skin can't get enough of it, it is so refreshing! I also picked up the quick fix facials purifying charcoal mask which also had money off and it had charcoal in it so I had to get it! I use a charcoal shampoo and it's amazing for my hair so I'm guessing this mask will be amazing for my skin. I got a pack of rings from primark, for £1.50 it's a beautiful collection. I haven't tried midi rings before but they look really nice, my mum doesn't understand the point in midi rings but I like them! Finally I picked up a retractable brush from wilko. This was only £2 and it is so soft! Perfect for chucking in my bag as it's protected and is great to use with finishing powder.

I have been shopping today as well 'cause it's paydayyyyyy so expect another haul soon, a pretty big one, oops! - Amy x

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

essence haul/first impressions

I was so happy when I saw essence had landed in my local wilko! I went to Berlin a few years ago and first tried out the brand there and have wished it would be sold in the UK since then! Wilko's currently have a 3 for 2 on across all cosmetics atm so I managed to get a nice selection of things I hadn't tried before.

First up and left on the swatch is the waterproof eyeliner pen. I had seen this online and thought a waterproof eyeliner was right up my street. It doesn't crack or flake like other waterproof formulas I've tried. It lasts so well and is a really deep true black. This was £2.80. Next I picked up one of their lipsticks, the long lasting forumla, in natural beauty. It's a really pretty everyday colour, It has nice pigmentation, applied nice and smooth and is just rather lovely! This was £2.30. I also picked up one of the xxxl longlasting lipglosses in very berry. At first I thought how can you have a long lasting lipgloss but apparently you can! This stuff stayed on when I drank a can of coke and repeated licked my lips and it's a gorgeous colour! This was also £2.30.

I also picked up on of the eye shadow palettes. I picked all about nude. As you can see it contains some gorgeous shades. I'm incredibly impressed with these. The pigmentation is amazing for something that only costs £3.50 and they lasted on my eyes for a full 10 hours at work and they are still going strong, all be it faded slightly but no creasing and it is still evident I have eye shadow on.

Another thing I'd eyed up online was the blush up duo in heatwave. The orange fades beautifully into the pink. From the swatch left to right is the orange, pink and then mixed. Again which is a running theme, this product has great pigmentation. I can't believe for something this cheap it's this good! You basically get three blushes for £3.50.

I had to pick a nail varnish and I choose the shade that was calling out to me, naughty and pink. I don't recall having anything like this in my collection. It'd a gorgeous pink with orange undertones. This was £1.60.

Last but by no means least I picked up the all about matt fixing compact powder. I'm going to do another review on this as I think it's the perfect dupe for soap & glory's one heck of a blot as it works in exactly the same way. This was £3 which is a steal!

I got the two cheapest items free which I thought was a bit shitty of wilko as in boots, the items are places in price order and you get every third item free but hey ho! It's definitely reminded me of why I loved the products I got from Berlin and I'm really happy to see such a good brand finally come to the UK, well it had done some time last year but only in a select few wilko's, now it's basically in all of them. Woohoo!

Have you tried anything from essence yet? What would you like to get your hands on from my haul? - Amy x

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Latest in beauty: The glamour beauty edit


So much love for Glamour magazine recently hey! I kept seeing people talking about these, saw it had an illamasqua lipstick and I was sold! I also used a voucher code someone kindly told me about on instagram, can't remember who it was sorry! but the code is 15off which takes 15% off your order making it £14.41 inc postage instead of £16.95, even better! I got mine about two weeks ago so hopefully the code still works! As you can see you get quick a bit for your buck!

I got the magnifibres brush on false lashes which was the second thing that made me really want this box! I cannot wear flash lashes to save my life, the glue doesn't agree with my eyes so this solution sounded perfect. Now they aren't quite the miracle product in that they truly look like falsies but they do add a lot of volume and length that I don't think you could get from just layering up mascara. I think this stuff is amazing!

I also got a crabtree & evelyn nail lacquer in a lovely pearlescent red. I don't normally go for shimmery polish but this one looks really classy and applies beautifully. It dries pretty quick too, a minute or so, which is a huge bonus. I used two coats to get a really opaque finish. Everyone needs a reliable red in their nail varnish stash!

Also included is the rimmel sun shimmer instant tan bb skin perfector, what a name, in medium matte. Now I don't fake tan, I always think oh I'll give it a go and then I chicken out but maybe now I will. Also, nice forward thinking glamour, this box comes with a velvotan tanning mitt which gives me more confidence because a good quality mitt will surely lead to a good tan? fingers crossed! I'll report back when I've grown a pair and given it a go!

Next I got a bourjois cream blush in the shade 01 nude velvet, see the right swatch above. A beautiful peachy nude and luckily I don't have this shade as I do have a couple of bourjois cream blushes in my stash. Lovely formula and a shade I generally don't have in my collection.

I also got the toni & guy volume plumping whip. I haven't tried this yet and as I have such thick hair I don't need too much help with volume. However the description does say it smooths so perhaps it will tame my unruly frizzy hair. I'll get back to you!

Also included is a generous sample of the hawaiian tropic satin protection ultra radiance sun lotion spf 30. This stuff smells really good! It's the perfect size to just chuck in your bag and I really like the hawaiian tropic brand anyway so having a nicely sized sample is really handy! I haven't tried this particular spf from them but the word radiance has me intrigued. I might even try it on my face as it doesn't seem too heavy so may work.

I also got a 30ml sample of the DHC deep cleansing oil. I didn't think I'd love this but I really do. I thought it would be too greasy but it sinks in really quickly and does an amazing job at getting rid of make-up and adds a nice hit of hydration. It contains vitamin e and olive oil, nice ingredients to have and just works really well. I'm tempted to but the full size as it's the first cleansing oil I have actually liked! It's £21.50 for 200ml but it works really well and you don't need a huge amount each use.

Finally I got an Illamasqua lipstick! I got the shade naked from their glamore range that recently released 6 nude shades. The swatch for this is on the left. Now this wasn't the shade I was hoping for, in fact I would of rather of had any other shade other than this so I was pretty disappointed but having tried it, if I pat it on, it creates a really nice '90's' lip look so it's not all bad as I've been liking that look recently. It's definitely growing on me I'll say that. It's super pigmented and creamy so I can see why these lipsticks are £18.50 each comparing them to the quality of mac. I REALLY want to try more Illamasqua, they had an amazing sale on after christmas and I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get anything!

All of this has a combined value of just over £86 which is insane for what I paid for it! There isn't one product I wouldn't use. What's good with these boxes is that you don't have to sign up to a rolling contract, you can just buy a one off box if you find one you fancy. It's really reasonably priced for the amount of stuff you actually get and bar what shades you will actually get you basically know what is coming. You can get yours here. - Amy x

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Everyone loves a freebie and if it's clinique, even better!

Okay so for the august edition of glamour magazine, with Ellie Goulding on the front, there were four different clinique samples to pick up! Obviously because the magazine was only £2 and I'm crazy, I brought the magazine four times haha.

I'm pretty sure this edition is still out as normally the new edition of glamour doesn't come out until around the 7th or the weekend before that so I would highly recommend you have a look for it if you haven't got it already!

On to the products! I have heard amazing things about the dramatically different moisturising lotion. It is really nice and creamy, almost wash like if that makes sense. It smells of playdough which I don't love. It sinks in really well and doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all so that's a big plus. For me personally it does feel a bit heavy. I just don't think anything can beat the origins ginzing moisturiser, sorry clinique!

The high impact mascara, I love! I have had it before as my cousin introduced me to it a couple of years a go and it's a lovely lengthening, fanned out, deep black mascara. The name high impact really does fit as you can definitely tell you've got it on. I've already found my 'holy grail' mascara in the maxfactor masterpiece max which is cheaper than this so unless I get another sample I don't think I'll be using it again but the mascara itself really is rather good!

On to the chubby sticks, the most exciting thing I wanted to nab! The darker pinky red is called super strawberry and the lighter pink is called woppin' watermelon which is holy appropriate. I  really like the feel of these. They go on smoothly and moisturise well. My only disappointment is that I thought they would be more pigmented comparing them to the various products that have 'copied' them. They are more of a glorified tinted lip balm, but nice all the same, it just makes me glad I have a couple of samples and didn't buy a full sized one. Maybe because they are so similar to my actual lip colour I don't get as good a colour result as someone with a naturally lighter lip colour. A few times I have been asked what lipstick I have one when I haven't got one on hah.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my ickle clinique stash. I love when magazines give away samples you have actually wanted to try for ages! Last month glamour give away a full sized eyeko eyeliner in navy or black worth £12, I got both obviously (help me I have serious makeup issues!!), so thumbs up glamour! The magazine isn't half bad either haha! - Amy x

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

24 things to do before the 24th of June

I graduated on the 24th of June this year and have made it my mission to accomplish a few things within the next year to make myself happier and to give myself some direction. I've been set free into the big bad world with more bills to pay and hours to work! I thought the best way to kinda get my thoughts together would be to write them down and what better way than in a blog post with you guys! This isn't just a task for people who have recently graduated, maybe you're just not happy with where you are at in life and setting some goals to achieve within a year could give you some direction. I know goals and writing things down for me makes me feel more purposeful otherwise I tend to always feel a bit lost if I haven't written my thoughts down in some way, be it notes on my phone or wait for it actual pen and paper!

1. Write my C.V
2. Find a full time job in the care sector  waiting on a start date/crb/references to come through but I accepted a job as a full-time care assistant at a lovely care home on the 14th!
3. Set up a savings account to save towards a masters in art therapy
4. Set up a savings account to start saving towards a deposit for a flat.
5. Join a choir again or some form of group
6. Make new friends
7. Go to Paris for the day
8. Continue to grow my blog
9. Loose weight
10. Get into a consistent exercise routine
11. Eat in a michelin stared restaurant
12. Work towards getting into a normal sleeping pattern
13. Improve the strength in my knee's
14. Make better food choices
15. Learn how to make pasta
16. Cook a dish from a cook book
17. Have a mini vacation on my own
18. Be less guarded, open up more when I meet new people and have the confidence to just be myself!
19. Meet a good guy and open up my heart to the idea of a relationship
20. Learn more about HTML
21. Take control of my finances
22. Complete the 100 days of happiness challenge
23. Buy an iphone again and get insurance this time!
24. Look for reasons to be more positive and less reasons to be stressed

Have you made a list? If you have any tips for me for any points on my list let me know! I may do an update every three months to check in with how I'm doing, probably more for my benefit but hey! - Amy x

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