Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A £1 dupe for M.A.C's infamous Rebel

The weather has been crazy today! The sun was in then out then in then out, what a mare! Anyway I preserved as I really wanted to tell you about this AMAZING dupe.

Mac's Rebel has been one of my faves for a long time now. Whilst I was out and checking out the Makeup Revolution stand I saw a lipstick called rebel with cause, the colour looked really similar, the name was similar and as it was only £1, I thought I'd put my theory to the test. As it happens this £1 lipstick from makeup revolution is near enough an exact match. The left hand swatch is makeup revolution's rebel with a cause and the right is Mac's Rebel. I would say Mac's Rebel is slightly more pigmented, slightly darker and has a truer satin finish whereas makeup revolution's rebel with cause is a smidgen sheerer and has slightly more sheen but colour wise it is pretty much spot on. They look quite different in the bullet but as you can see from the swatches, they are near enough exact! I know I'd rather spend £1 instead of £15.50! It's a such a stunning colour for autumn and Mac's Rebel is highly blogged about, it's nice to have a cheap alternative that is such a good match. It's also handy for when I go out as I can apply Mac's Rebel at home and then just take makeup revolution's offering to top up if need be through out the night and if I loose it I wouldn't be so heartbroken! Rebel with a cause applies like a dream and for £1 is incredibly pigmented, I don't know how they can make something so good for so little!

No need to thank me guys, you're welcome haha. Have you found any good dupes recently? Let me know! - Amy x

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September faves

I have been loving lots through out September. September is a month that always get's me excited as shops start to get Christmas stock in, the leaves start to change into gorgeous yellow, orange and red hues and I start to get excited about the up coming yearly events like Halloween and bonfire night! The fact that it will be October on wednesday literally blows my mind. This year has gone crazyyy fast but things like graduating feel like an age away even thought it was only last June, so weird!

I'll start with what is pictured and the first thing I've been loving is the body shop tea tree pore minimiser. I use this as an all over primer and then go in with instablur on my nose as that is where I get really bad pores. It feels so fresh and has definitely been helping keep pesky spots at bay as I have been a little bit stressed of late. Maybelline's 24hr colour tattoo in permanent taupe has been another fave. It's just these easiest most long wearing eye product ever. It's great as a base but looks really nice on it's one as well. Mac Mehr has been gracing my lips most of September either on it's own or with mac syrup or rebel or pure heroine for a slightly darker nude. It is so versatile and I feel it's my perfect nude. The Maybelline fit me concealer in 115 has been a god send. It is amazing and really brightening up my eye area. I apply it in a triangle, blend blend blend and it makes me feel like I look so much more awake. The Tarte amazonian clay blush in fearless has also been gracing my cheeks for most of the month. It's such a pretty colour, really perks up my cheeks and lasts amazingly well. Invisibobble hair bands are incredible! I haven't had half as many headaches since I've swapped to these, they do not pull on my hair at all! I want to squeeze whoever invented them! I used to only seldom use my Real techniques powder brush as it was so big I didn't enjoy using it so much but it's really come into it's own recently as for my old job I would literally wear waterproof mascara and use some powder on my face and this was the perfect brush to get a nice coverage so I didn't look horribly shiny and it also works really well for finishing powder just to cover my whole face in seconds! Speaking of waterproof mascara that has been another fave this last month. I haven't been loving a particular brand as I've just grabbed which ever waterproof one has been nearest alternating between Natural Collection and Maybelline but it was a god send for stopping me from getting panda eyes as I used to get so hot and bothered at my old job!

Onto more randoms favs now! I don't know if you have seen it but I have been loving the new show called who's doing the dishes on ITV hosted by Brian McFadden. Basically there is a group of four strangers and each week night that go to a celebrities house for dinner and from the three courses and three other clues they have to guess who the celebrity is to win some money. I generally love programmes like this e.g come dine with me, four in a bed ect so it's right up my street. A film I have loved this month was Death sentence staring Kevin Bacon. I don't know why but for some reason I thought he was mean't to be a rubbish actor as he always seems to be taken the piss out of but he was amazing in this film. It was a proper edge of your seat thriller where Bacon takes revenge on a gang who murdered his son during an initiation killing. Two food things I've been obsessed with this month have been pork pies and heniz bbq beans. I don't know why, there is just something about pork pies, they taste too damn nice but are so bad for you! I never used to like bbq flavoured stuff but now whenever I have beans it's always the bbq ones, now normal beans just don't compare haha weird right but seriously you should try them, so good!

So there you have it, quite a few favourites this month! Link me to your favourites post if you do one 'cause I'm nosey! - Amy x

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Monday, 29 September 2014

My weekend in London

I've just had the best weekend so I thought I would share it with you guys! My brother's birthday was at the beginning of the month but as he was away he saved celebrating his birthday until the weekend just gone by treating the fam to a weekend away in London, massive big bro points! I've wanted to stay in London for agesss, it was such a good weekend! I went shopping during the day but you've already seen my haul if you saw my last post. It was so easy to get around, 20 minute train/tube and I was at Oxford street as the hotel was next to Battersea Park, which I had a lovely view of as I was on the 7th floor. In the evening we all went to the Hippodrome casino, first of all eating at the Heliot Steak House that is in the casino. It was funny, as we were passing Big Ben I took that picture but as I did there was a bus coming round the corner and the driver apologised in case he got in the shot, it was hilarious! You wouldn't get that were I live, they'd give you the finger. The food at the restaurant was UNREAL. I had the surf and turf which included a fillet steak which cut like butter and was cooked perfectly, scallops and massive prawns which again were cooked perfectly, I was in food heaven! For sides my sister and I shared some fries and the millionaires mac and cheese which had breadcrumbs, a poached duck egg and truffle on top! I'm a bit of a foody and I've wanted to try truffle for ages so that's something off my bucket list! Seriously though the food was incredible. For dessert I have the chocolate tart with salted caramel which again tasted SO GOOD. Onto the gambling, something I've never done before but it was so fun. My brother gave us some money to gamble with but I used my own first on the machines and as I said in my previous post I put in £20 and came away with £48 so not bad for an hours work! I then went onto the live tables which gives you such a buzz but if you've never done it, it's also terrifying. I was £20 up so I had £70 buttttt then I lost a fair bit so only gave my brother back £29 haha but my dad lost all his £50 haha my poor brother! You may be thinking why have you got a random picture of mayo, ketchup, salt and pepper but I thought the little jars were so cute and I could use it for a d.i.y lip scrub, what a weirdo hey haha.

The Hotel was so so nice. It was the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel. I don't think I've ever stayed in one so nice, my brother picked it so it was gunna be good. I had a room to myself with the biggest bed I've ever seen which was a treat as I'm used to a single bed. The room had the nicest bath with a slant for your back so you could really relax, I almost fell asleep! The room was spotless, I'm a bit of a weirdo, if I see like a speck of dirt in a place/room I've not been in before/isn't mine it freaks me out but this room was spotless. I thoroughly enjoyed having my own bathroom and covering the sink with all my products! The window in between the main room and bathroom was pretty novel too hah.

If you are looking to go to London and want to treat yourself I would highly recommend this hotel. It was lush and set back a bit from the road so wasn't really noisy at all and with in easy access to all the main attractions as the nearest station was about a 5 minute walk and I'm a slow walker. The Heliot Steak House steak was that good no meat I eat from now on will forever taste inferior, same goes for prawns and scallops, so what I'm saying it it was damn tasty haha. Being in London made me miss my iphone so bad, I hope someone employees me soon! Ah well at least I have a phone that works for now - Amy x

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

London haulin'

So I went to London for the weekend with my fam and I went to Oxford street and then we all went to the Hippodrome Casino, had the most incredible meal EVER and gambled away. I thought I'd do my fave part first haha and show you my little haul.

First things first, I headed to Oxford street to visit KIKO. Kiko make-up is SO good for the money! I picked up one of their wet or dry eye shadows in 228. It is the most beautiful metallica grey with a purpley pink tone depending on the light. I haven't used it wet yet but I wore it normally on saturday night and it remained creaseless from 5pm to 1am when I took it off and I got pretty hot as well so winner! I also picked up a smart lip pencil in 712. I was lusting after mac soar after watching a pixiwoo tutorial and this reminded me of the colour. It's really nice to use and is great for all over the lips. I'll probably do a more in depth review of these beauts in a couple of weeks.

I also headed into Muji as a spied their candles walking past. I am so happy I did as I have been looking for a candy floss candle for ages and this one was only £3.50 and smells SO STRONG. You don't even need to burn it to benefit from the scent.

I then went to Tiger and wowee what an amazing shop it is! In my family I'm known as the tat lady damn it and essentially Tiger is full of tat you didn't know you needed but when you see it you need it! I picked up the gorgeous rose gold frame for only £2. I also picked up the cactus candles for only £2 I believe, how cuteeee are they!! I also picked up some pumpkin bunting because it's halloween soon and although I've never gone trick or treating and I'm 22, I still want bunting damn it! This was only £1.50 so why not!

Finally I went to Primark. I was running out of time so only had a quick look but I love the bag I found! It was £5 from £12 I believe in the sale and is the most gorgeous deep burgundy colour with rose gold hardware. It's the perfect size for me, can be hooked on my arm, over my shoulder or across the body so has great versatility and plenty of pockets to put stuff! I also love bags with a nice sized front pocket that's zipped as I can put things like my phone ect I want easy access to but it's still safe.

So that's my little haul and given that I spent £20 as the casino and came out with £48, I don't even feel guilty! - Amy x

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Shop my stash: Autumn nail picks

For the final instalment of my autumn inspired week on notanotheroneamy, I'm talking nails! I've got a real mix of deep colours and lighter everyday colours but these are the ones that will be adorning my nails through out autumn/winter!

I'll go from left to right and to start with a have a nail varnish from the Tanya Burr range called Penguin chic. Such a cute name and this is a really gorgeous taupey grey shade. The formula is great, dries pretty quick and is perfectly opaque in two coats. The taupey edge makes this a perfect transitional shade for autumn.

Next is a mini from Orly. It's called witch's blue and is the most stunning shimmery deep blue. It just screams cooler weather, opaque in one coat and lasts really well.

Next is a polish from Essie called all tied up. This reminds me of a bonfire, it's the most gorgeous shimmery dusty pinky orange. It is such a seasonal colour and dependable essie, the wear time and formula is good.

From O.P.I I have the shade suzi takes the wheel. It's a lovely grey tone khaki colour which may not seem like an obvious choice but it's a really lovely muted green that works well with the other seasonal colour's of autumn. O.P.I's polish have a great forumla and this one is no exception. This is a perfect everyday shade for this time of year.

Next up is the ultimate dusty pink for autumn from Nails inc called bruton street. There is just something about the colour of this, it's like nothing else I have, there is something about it I can't put my finger on but for me my eyes are just drawn to it. I love to wear this with essie all tied up as an accent nail, it's like you have the changing colours of the leaves on your nails!

The next polish just screams Christmas but I think it's appropriate before hand too and that's the china glaze polish in visions of grandeur. It's a mix between a red wine and berry shade with subtle golden shimmer, sounds lovely doesn't it! The berry tone in it is what makes it appropriate for all through autumn and winter but it's definitely what will be gracing my nails on Christmas day too!

Finally I have a really deep blackened purple for when I want my nails to be a bit vampy. It's the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polish in pat on the black. This is so smooth to apply and lasts really well too. I found this in poundland and they seem to have a lot of Sally Hansen stuff so keep your eyes peeled!

So those are my top nail polish picks! Obviously as Christmas draws ever closer, glitter will definitely be involved but I think I'll do some Christmas tutorials for you all! How many times can I say the C word in one post when it's only September hahaha my bad but I'm so excited already! - Amy x

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shop my stash: Autumn eye picks

Continuing on with my autumn picks, above are my top autumn eye picks! As you can see there is a lot of bronzey brown golden lovin'. I've also picked a lot of quick and easy products to use as when it's freezing cold in the morning, I for one want to get ready as quick as possible and get wrapped up warm!

I'll start from left to right. First up are two eye creams and they are the Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr in permanent taupe and on and on bronze. Permanent taupe is a great matte base or just gives the eyes a little something worn on it's own, it's so easy to use! On and on bronze is a staple all year round to be honest, this is the most perfect bronzey metallic shade that looks great on it's own and as a base for making other colours pop.

Next up are two powders from Mac. The lighter reddy purple shade is cranberry in a frost finish and the darker purple is called sketch in a velvet finish. These both have shimmer, sketch only having a slight shimmer but they both look so so beautiful, especially together! I wear cranberry all over blended out and then sketch in the crease for a lovely autumnal eye look.

The pencil in the middle is from the Kardashian beauty range and is called the high eye q film noir gel eyeliner in starry brunette. This is a gorgeous deep bronzey brown with little flecks of glitter. It does not budge at all and the colour is stunning. It's perfect for defining the eye but using something a little more interesting than just plain brown or black.

From top to bottom I have two Rimmel scandal'eyes eye shadow paints in rich russet and golden bronze. These are incredible for the money and blend like a dream. Golden bronze really makes my eyes pop and rich russet is the perfect everyday no fuss shade, you just apply, blend and go.

Another Rimmel product that is a staple is the scandal'eyes eye shadow stick in bad girl bronze. It's a lot like the eye shadow paints but obviously less wet but the wear time is just as good, Bad girl bronze is more of a darker darker bronze and warmer in tone. Again a product you can just quickly apply, blend and your good to go.

Yet another bronzey eye stick, I just can't help myself and this time it's from Collection and is called hot chocolate. This is more of a cool toned bronze, a lot like rich russet but a fraction darker. Great wear time for such a cheap product, I think it was only £2.99, crazy!

Finally a product that has been compared to the by terry ombre blackstar is the No7 stay perfect shade and define and the one I have is in cool mink. I loveeee this, it's the perfect taupey champange shade and it's wear time is incredible. It's so easy to just swipe on and blend.

As you can see everything I've picked is really easy to apply and has a really long wear time. I think autumn/winter is all about eye bronzed eyes and berry lips and that's exactly what I intend to wear! Whatever your budget you can easily change up your make-up for the new season or even better do what I've done and have a root around what you already have! - Amy x

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Shop my stash: Autumn lip picks

I'll kick off my Autumn week with my favourite lip picks. One of the many reasons I love autumn is because it seems that it's more acceptable to rock a dark lip which is the best kind of lip, I think anyway. I normally reserve dark berry lips for nights out but when autumn comes I wear it daily.

I'll start from left to right and my first fav is the Bourjois rouge edition velvet in grand cru. It is the most amazing mesmerising deep film star red. The wear time is amazing so there is no worrying about having patchy lips with this product!

Next up is the Mac colab with Lorde, Pure Heroine. This is said to be a mix between heroine and cyber. It's a beautiful deep purple that is perfect for this time of year. I also love mixing this with Mac Mehr for a super pretty dark nude.

An oldie but a goodie is the lovely Rimmel Kate Moss 107. I'm pretty sure most people would of tried this lipstick by now. It's great value for money, matte but not drying, a gorgeous berry tone and an all round winner!

Another autumn favourite from Mac is the Viva Glam I. Mac describe it as an intense brownish blue-red. It's a classic look and one of my favourite reds to wear for everyday as it just makes me feel really put together.

Next is a YSL glossy stain in the shade 4. This is a gorgeous subtle purpley berry tone that I actually wore for my graduation pictures. It adds the perfect amount of gloss with a nice amount of colour and wears really well.

Next up is my nude pick for autumn and it is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 08. This is in black casing as it is from the normal less matte range but I would still say it had a kind of matte element to it, it's definitely not shiny or slippy on your lips. This is a really lovely dusty pinky brown nude that works so well with my skin tone and is a good dupe for Kylie Jenner's lip of choice.

Finally, and I'm pretty sure I should of thrown this product away as I've had it so long but I just can't and that's the Maybelline super stay 24hr lipstick in wildberry. I'm not even sure they sell this shade any more but it was one of the first darker lip colours I tried and I just can't let it go! The wear time is incredible, it literally doesn't budge, it doesn't go patchy and the shade is a really pretty purpley berry shade. This is strictly rationed but oh memories!

So those are my top autumn picks. Quite a varied bunch but all colours I absolutely love as well as the formulas being on point! What is your favourite autumn shade? -  Amy x

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