Friday, 29 August 2014

They see me haulin' (again!)

Okay this is awkwarddddd, my last post was a haul but hey ho it was pay day yesterday woopwoop! I decided to go on another homeware binge amoungst other things so I thought I'd show you what I got and yep this is all in a day, my bad! In my defence I'm working the next four days so no opportunity to shop then!

These three are from homesense, oh how I love that store! The hand was £4.99 and will make the perfect ring holder! The plastic jar cup was £3.99, Ideally I wanted the glass set I had seen there before but they didn't have it this time so I compromised with this! Lastly I got the mug from the clearance section for only £1.70! I really like the tiled pattern in pinky blues.

Again from home sense I picked this acrylic make-up storage up for £6.99 which I guess is about the same online but  I didn't need to wait for it to come! now I can store my high-end lippies nicely!

Moving onto what I picked up from matalan. I got this hugeeee glass container for only £5. I'm going to pop my overflow of nail varnish in this as it will look much nicer than a cardboard box!

Also from matalan I picked up this heart shaped cake stand as I thought it would be perfect for storing some of my most loved perfumes. If you are wondering why all of my perfumes wouldn't fit on this sizeable cake stand, it's because I have FAR too many, oops!

From sainsbury's I picked this the plastic sectioned tray in the clearance section for only £1.87 and this will be perfect for putting in one of my drawers for my make-up. I also got the lavender (doesn't smell) garland from the home clearance section for £4, this will look SO cute around my bed headboard.

Also from sainsbury's and the home clearance section I picked up this wild cotton three wick candle for only £3.75. It smells amazing and fresh. Not autumn appropriate at all but there's technically still some summer left!

 I also went to tk maxx and found the physicians formula mineral wear correcting concealor set. It comes with a highlight, a blemish cover colour and a yellow for under your eyes. This was only £3.99 and I have heard so many people who are from or have been to american talk about physicians formula so I was like right that set is mine! It's so cool 'cause the three things connect together like lego. I also picked up an angled contour brush which I'm going to use for blush as I ruined all of my fab barbara daly ones so had to chuck them. I have no idea how I ruined them, I washed them and then they smelt like sick so what the hell! This brush fron tk maxx was only £3.99 and feels really soft so bargain!
From boots I picked up the hydraluron moisture jelly as I have been eyeing it up for a while and it's only £16 something instead of £24.99 at the moment.
Finally, bit of a random purchase but I picked up a simple calculator as I always write my budget/money down so it will be handy just to keep one with my notebook.

I also spent £37 on my brothers birthday present so it's been a spendy day!! Hopefully it's let you in on some bargains you didn't know about. If you haven't been to a homesense, seriously go! It is amazing and there are so many cool things to buy for decent prices. Now to be really good for the rest of the month so I can enjoy my brothers birthday celebrations gambling in London! -  Amy x

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Homeware haulin'

So as you can tell by the title I've been picking up some home stuffs. I've been to dunelm and homesense so I'll start from the top down to the bottom and let y'all know what I got!

First up I got a water bottle for work. This was £6.99 from dunelm. I was looking for this particular make as my brother uses them and I stumbled upon it in dunelm so win! It has just an average normal bottle style top which I prefer to a flask top, is bpa free so no nasty gases, doesn't leak and feels pretty sturdy.

Next up and also from dunelm I picked up this gorgeous canvas in the sale for only £3.49. It is huge, I'd say almost A2 and goes really well with my peachy feature wall. The quote 'choose happiness' is a nice reminder that it is a choice to be happy, you can get yourself into a better situation.

Also from dunelm is the little basket below. I believe it was either £4.99 or £5.99. My sister brought a practically identical one from homesense but for £12.99 so I was pretty happy when I saw this and it keeps all my regularly used hair stuff neat, tidy and in easy reach!

The next two purchases are from homesense. The little note pads which I would hazzard a guess at being A6 came in a pack of 3 for only £1.99. I found the front so inspiring. I use the black one for notes at work, the pink for blogging stuffs and the orange for money/to do lists.

Finally I brought a sweet little vase? which is actually a soap dispenser minus pump for 20p!! crazy and the fake greenery for a £1. I'll openly admit it doesn't look real but it's a nice bit of green and I couldn't pass up on the 20p vase! Maybe I'll buy a flower from somewhere else that looks more real aha

So there you go, just a few home/life bits I've acquired over the last few weeks. I think my fav is definitely the set of notebooks, the words are so inspiring! Can't wait to get paid from my new job at the end of sept and have a massive splurge on all the other lovely home bits I've seen! - Amy x

P.S I really wanna do an updated make-up storage post and a perfume collection so keep your eyes peeled for those soon!

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lip product addict tag

I thought I'd do a nice little tag as I LOVE any beauty product that's lip related! This is of course the tag created by the lovely Estée from essiebutton and Amelia from Amelia Liana.


1. Favourite balm/treatment?
2. Best eye-catching red?
3. Best luxury & best drugstore?
4. Best MAC lipstick?
5. The most disappointing?
6. Liner - yes or no?
7. Best gloss?
8. Something extra!

Okay so 1. My favourite balm/treatment, although I love my nuxe reve de miel, the one that works best for me is the No7 protect and perfect lip care. It works amazingly well if you smoother it on and leave it over night. Don't get me wrong the reve de miel is amazing but the No7 offering is super intense.  

2. Best eye catching red is easy, it's MAC's ruby woo. I've said so many times this red makes me feel like a film star but it really does, I can't put my finger on it but it has something special about it that's for sure.

3. Best luxury is definitely the YSL rouge voluptes, in particular the pink in confidence rouge volupte shine. It is my favourite special occasion my lips but way WAY better shade. My best drugstore lip product, right now as it changes all the time, is the rimmel kate moss lipsticks. Amazing formula's be it matte or regular and a great shade range.

4. Favourite MAC lipstick is really hard! I've already mentioned ruby woo so I'm going to pick something else. It really is a tie between syrup, a lovely my lips but better pink or mehr a dusty nude-ish pink. 

5. Most disappointing is a recent purchase. It's the essence xxl matt 'lip gloss' in 06 soft nude. I have one in red (07 silky red) that I really like but this particular pinky nude doesn't go on evenly at all, looks really flakey and doesn't dry nicely at all but as I've said I have a red one that is the complete opposite so I don't know what's gone wrong there! 

6. So I've been experimenting with liner lately. I have got quite a few with the intention of using it but never really have but the other day I used a liner to line and then filled my lip in completely. I REALLY liked the effect, my lips looked full, the colour felt completely locked in like it would last on my lips for ages and it made me realise I should just buy liners to save some money hah but seriously liners YES, if you haven't already, try what I did, like literally why didn't I do this sooner!

7. Best gloss has to be benefit. Lovely colours and it isn't sticky AT ALL. Benefit were the brand that changed my mind on lipglosses, I used to avoid then since having some bad experiences hah in my early teens but now I know non sticky versions exist I love a bit of gloss! 

8. Something extra has to go to Bourjois rouge velvet edition in grand cru. It is the most mesmerising red I have ever ever seen. It's got that golden age glamour about it. I didn't pick it for eye-catching as it's a deeper red but wow it looks incredible. The formula is amazing and just ahhhh the colour. Google swatches people! 

So finally I've done the lip product addict tag! It's made me want to rad my lipstick draw and experiement now! It's also made me remember that I really should wear bourjois grand cru more 'cause it's beautiful as well as MAC mehr! 

Have you done this tag? Leave a link so I can be nosey and if not do it then link me 'cause it's a lot of fun to do!- Amy x

P.S I've been super crap with posting lately and I can only apologise! I have had training for my new job which I thought I would then start next week but as a previous company still hasn't sent over my reference and I have no idea why as my contact is on holiday I am stressing outttttttttt! but hey I can't change it, I will just have to wait til they are off holiday but I really wanna start my new job and I have my last day tomorrow at my current one so yeahhh I'm stressing! It's all well and good telling yourself not to worry but sometimes you can't help it! I just hope it all works itself out because as I've said numerous times I am stressed!! Anyways! That felt good getting that off my chest hah! I hope you guys bare with me in this transitional phase and hopefully when I'm settled things will go back to normal! In fact I promise they will, I'm just not sure when that will be so I'm sorry! 

P.S.S When I finally get paid from my new job, which I'm hoping will be the end of september if I start quick enough, If not end of october for sure, I will be doing a give away which I promised ages a go I know but life happened but I still plan on doing one to say thank you to all you lovely people that read my blog! I'm trying to think of a really good prize! 

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The charcoal collection

I have been obsessed with charcoal products lately so I thought I'd blog about what I've tried. I use the T-Gel therapeutic shampoo which has charcoal in and it really helps my scalp so I figured charcoal must be good for my face and judging by the amount of products with charcoal in, companies must do too!

Let's start left to right and first up is the garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub. It's got salicylic acid which is good for spots and according to boots the charcoal acts as 'dirt magnet' which is fine by me! I have to say it really is a very nice scrub, I haven't used it enough to be able to say whether it helps with spots and I don't have so many spots any ways but so far I really like it.

Next up is the Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser. I LOVE this stuff, it feels amazingly refreshing and my face feels super duper clean. The deep pore line drew me in as my pores are so obvious on my nose so anything that helps that is a winner in my book. You just wet your face, pop some product on your hands, massage over your face, rinse off and bob's your uncle, a lovely clean face! If you don't really like a tingly sensation, don't go for this but it makes your skin feel SO clean.

I have two masks, the first is the quick fix facials purifying charcoal mask for congested and lifeless skin. Again as this mask contains charcoal it is really good at drawing out all of the dirt on your skin and helps unclog pores to get rid of those pesky blackheads which is something I have a real problem with on my nose.

Finally and most excitingly I have the sanctuary deep cleanse facial 5 minute thermal detox mask. Now I know people have said this stuff really warms up but I was still shocked at how warm it gets haha. It's not an ahh my face is burning at all, it's a really nice warm comforting feeling. The heat helps to open up the pores so the product can really get to work and draw out any dirt from your skin leaving it feeling super clean.

All in all charcoal is a really good ingredient to look for as it is really good at cleaning your skin and I have the perfect set up with the cleanser, scrub and masks. They just need to somehow make a charcoal toner now! If you know of one let me know!

On a side note, apologies for the massive gap in blogging. As I said last thursday I think it was now, I have started a new job and it's gunna take a while to get used to working full time/settling in/finding my feet so for a little while my blog posts may be a bit sporadic as I get used to this new phase in my life. So far I am loving my new job, it's just training at the moment but it's got me so excited for caring for the actual residents (I'll be a care assistant). So yeah it's busy busy busy but hopefully I'll manage to fit a few posts in a week - Amy x

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Helpful and practical interview tips!

As I will be starting my new job on Monday and I have had a few interviews over the years (I've been working part-time since I was 15 and I'm now 22), I thought I'd share with you some tips that have really helped me. Out of all of the interviews I have had, I've only been unsuccessful once and I believe this is all down to research.

When I found out I have got an interview I go through a mental list of everything I need to do which is as follows.

Pick an interview outfit I tend to go for smart casual. Yes you want to be smart but I also think you need to show an aspect of your own personality. My latest outfit of choice was smart tailored black trousers, a plain grey top and floral kimono. So the outfit was smart but it had some colour so I felt comfortable in it and that it wasn't just a generic plain jane monochrome outfit, It stood out a bit more.

Look at exactly where the company is and do a dummy run I tend to be a worrier so the more prepared I am, the less nervous I will feel. I do a dummy run just in case the trusty sat nav isn't as reliable as it should be and I will know exactly how long it will take to get there so I can then add 10 minutes as I like to be 10 minutes early and then add on some time, depending on the time of day, for traffic.

Research everything you can about the company It seems a lot of company's now days are impressed if you have taken the time to really look into what they are about, what their values are so you can in turn explain how you feel you would fit in with their values as an employee. It just shows that you are genuinely interested in the job and working for that particular company. Again the more prepared you are for whatever question you may get, the more relaxed you will feel!

Use google to find out any information about the company's particular interview process or at least sample questions you may be asked for the job role you are applying for This is SO useful. For this I write down all potential questions in a note pad and then I write down my answers. This not only gets you super prepared for any probable questions but as you are writing it you will hopefully be able to remember your answers more successfully. Also you can take your notepad with you and read through it just before you go in for the interview so it's fresh in your mind. For example a standard question is what are one of your weaknesses? Well instead of going er umm in the interview and giving a rubbish answer, you'd of already answered it for yourself, written it down, just read it before going in and you would of hopefully been able to remember it and would have given a well thought out and considered answer! Job's a gooden!

Work through some breathing exercises This really helps me as I get so nervous! Just simply concentrating on your breathing slowly in and out can really calm you down. Just think about what's the worst that can happen? You get a no and you just look again. I always try and remember that everything happens for a reason and what will be will be.

Make a list of any documents you may need to take with you You may need your passport or birth certificate, reference details ect just in case or you may of been asked to bring specific documents. If you make a list and then tick it off after putting each in your bag then you won't forget anything! Even if you haven't been asked for any documents, by bringing them anyway it may quicken any offer of a job or start date. It also shows that you are organised and conscientious which can only be a good thing! Also bring a pen and a notebook, you never know and again it makes you look well prepared.

During the interview remember to breathe and speak slowly and calmly Yes it's an interview but it's completely normal to pause for thought before an answer instead of going straight in and talking a load of gobbledegoop. Still concentrate on your breathing as when you are nervous you may find you get out of breath but if you remain calm, it will be fine!

The main thing that really works for me is going through possible questions and answering them so 9 times out of 10 I would of already answered the question in my notebook so would have a well thought out answer prepared. I can't stress enough how important it is to prepare, research questions and research the company and then you really have such a good shot at success and you know you couldn't of done anything more! - Amy x

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My top budget brow picks

I never used to do anything to my brows other than waxing/tweezing. For the last year I've gotten more into actually making an effort with my brows and I thought I'd compile a list of my top budget friendly picks. I've read so many reviews about anastasia brow wiz or hd brows ect but I'm pretty happy with the above!

Pencil wise I really like using the rimmel eyebrow pencil which is kinda a classic for only £2.99. I also like using the pencil end of the soap and glory archery (£10) and the pencil end of the revlon brow fantasy (£6.99). Powder wise the nyx eyebrow cake powder for £7 is pretty good, to apply this I use the real techniques slanted brush which is soft and lovely to use. In terms of tinted gels I LOVE the revlon brow fantasy, it isn't crispy at all and looks nice and natural. Same goes for the new brow this way from rimmel which is currently on offer for £2.99 (normally £3.99). I also use just a cheap clear mascara to set my brows, sometimes I only use this if I'm in a rush, the one I'm using at the moment is the collection colour lash for only £1.99. My ultimate eyebrow fav is the pen end of soap and glory's archery. It is so easy to use, isn't pigmented so it doesn't look like you've just drawn felt tip on your eyebrows, and looks natural which is key for me!

I have collected quite a few brow products now but these are my fav depending on how much effort I want to put in. I just brought the collection brow set which comes with a clear brow mascara, three eyebrow powders and a brush for only £2.99.

What are your fav brow products? - Amy x

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Monday, 11 August 2014

REVIEW aka swoon: Nars, The Happening palette

I found this beaut on a blog sale and I had to have it! It's the limited edition 'The Happening' from early last year. I have wanted to try some nars stuff for the longest time so I thought a palette like this would be the best way. I have no idea whether the eye shadows can be brought separately but the blush is the infamous orgasm and the bronzer is laguna and those two things were the first two I wanted to buy from nars. The swatches from left to right are coconut grove, kuala lumpur, corfu, night star, laguna and orgasm.

Coconut grove is a lovely dark matte brown, perfect for shadow eye liner or smudged in the outter corner for a smokey eye.

Kuala lumpur is the most beautiful shimmery purple, the gold flecks going through look beautiful. It's perfect for a really statement crease colour or again in the outter corner of your eyes.

Corfu is a gorgeous everyday crease shade. It's a lovely golden sandy colour that will work with so many looks.

Night star is the perfect highlight shade, lots of shimmer which is what I love. If you don't like shimmer, bar coconut grove, these shades are not for you.

Orgasm is such a stunning shade. The gold specks really give life to your cheeks. The colour really pops, it is beautiful!

I can definitely see why Laguna is such a big deal. I was worried it would be too dark for me but it is such a perfect bronzer and lasts really well on my skin. In the pan/swatch it looks kinda orangey toned but on and blended it isn't at all, it's a perfect contour shade.

I really want to try the sheer glow foundation or the tinted moisturiser next but this palette has been a great introduction! The pigmentation is on point, staying power is great and I've got a little collection of lovely shades.

What do you recommend I try from Nars? - Amy x

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